Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Appointment Today...

We met with Dr. Beaird today and he is "tickled pink with our progress." He started the appointment by measuring my belly and saying well, "Let's see how pregnant you feel..." my response was "Pretty dang pregnant." He chuckled and said, "I think I will add that to my appointment notes 'patient feels pretty dang pregnant.'" I measured 47 weeks pregnant today!!! My response to that was "Holy Lord!" I will actually be 31 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Dr. B then checked all the babies' heartbeats and amniotic fluid and everyone looks great. All of the babies are head down; in a race to see who will come out first I guess. Then he checked my cervical length and no surprise, I am down to 2.25. Dr. Beaird said that at this point checking the length is less and less important. The most important thing is to see if I am dilated at all, which I am not as of today.
Again, Dr. B went over the game plan if I start contracting. At this point, we will push fluids and try to stop the contractions with sedatives or stronger drugs but if my body pushes through all of that and continues to labor, we will have babies. If everything gets shut down, we will go home again and see how long we can make it. I asked Dr. Beaird what the chances are of my water breaking before labor really starts and he said around 20%. If my water breaks, but I don't start laboring, they will hospitalize me until 34 weeks and then we will have the babies. If my water breaks and I start laboring, we will have babies. So that was good to know.
I still have a few contractions every evening but not a lot at this point. Dr. B couldn't be happier with the way everything looks and we are encouraged that we can make it to the 34 week mark. Our next appointment is on Thursday with Dr. Allen in Temple. He will check growth and anatomy of the babies again. Maybe this week we will be up around 3.5 to 4 lbs. for each of the babies. I will be so happy with that.

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  1. Yea!! So good to hear about all your progress, I know you can make it. One request, though, since I don't get to see you everyday...how about posting some belly pics?!! Love you! J