Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010 and some other stuff...

Here's just a little of what the girls have been up to lately...Saturday morning we wanted to get some music going in the house so we put it on CMT for some country music videos. Baylee loves her some Kenny Chesney...hopefully you can view this video I got of her dancing to Kenny before she caught me taping her and refused to perform. :)
***Please remember to scroll to the bottom of the blog page and pause the music player before viewing the video if you would like to hear the sound on the video.

"Mommy....what's the 'grocery store'?" I figured, one day, I would get this question from one of the girls because they just don't go to the grocery store with all. Well, I decided to change that and start taking one of the girls to the store with me on the weekends when I go. It gives me some one-on-one time with the girls, gives Daddy a break only watching two little ones, and gives me some fun pretending I am a mommy of one. Let me tell ya, you don't draw near as much attention with just one kid. Reagan still got the smiles and hellos, mostly from the older shopping crowd, because let's face it...she's just so darn CUTE! And she was the perfect little baby girl at the grocery store. No fussing or screaming, mainly I think because she was just in shock and awe of this place she had never been before. She did put up a little fuss, though, when I picked out bananas for the week. They LOOOOVE bananas!

Reagan with Mommy at the grocery store
Finally, we get to the Halloween pictures! Yeay! I made their outfits. I found some fabric online that looks like sprinkles and cut it out to attach around the collars of their shirts. I ordered their cherry knit hats online from Brent helped me attach the cut out bananas to the sides of their choo choo wagon to complete the "banana split" ensemble. Gran and Grandaddy came over before we left for trick or treating and took these pictures for us.

Reagan (vanilla), Baylee (chocolate) and Addison (strawberry) The girls in their banana wagon :)
We went over to the McKowns' house to trick or treat with Matthew, who was the cutest little garden gnome I have ever seen!!!

Matthew, makin' a haul and lovin' every minute of it!

We trick or treated with Matthew and his parents for less than an hour before Addie and Reagan had enough. They didn't nap this afternoon (Baylee did) and you could tell by the meltdowns they were having every few houses. It was fun though!

Pam walking Matthew and Brent walking Baylee up to a door to trick or treat
We had a great weekend and we hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

We finally got the chance to take the girls to the pumpkin patch in Waco for some cute Fall pics and to buy a few pumpkins. Gran and Grandaddy went with us to take pictures, wrangle babies and then they took the whole crew out to eat afterwards. It was fun, but I'm sure the people at Ninfa's that have to clean up after us hope we don't come back too soon. :)
The girls weren't in the greatest picture taking moods, but we did what we could.

First, here are some pictures Grandaddy took of the girls before we left for the Pumpkin Patch...

Gran and Baylee Boo...Oddly, this is what her hair looks like when I don't brush it out after her bath and try to leave it really backfired on me and just became this massive fro! So funny!

Addie...Their Daddy's solution to getting them out of the kitchen...letting them play with the Eggo box. So much fun!
Reagan sweetie! They are getting so much hair but I just can't cut it! I am constantly trying to brush it back or put bows in but they just rip them out. Playing with Gran Now our Pumpkin Pics!

Happy Fall from our family to yours!

Our sweet girls! Baylee slightly disturbed for some reason... Our only walker so far...So cute in her little jeans and sweater!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Showers and Celebrations!

Last weekend was filled with fun times with our family. We spent the beginning of our weekend at Grammy and Pop's house so I could help host a baby shower for my sister, Missy. She is having her 4th and it's a GIRL! Brent was on baby duty while I attended the shower at Grammy and Pop's house. The shower was great and baby girl Miller got some really cute, girly things.
Here are some pictures of the newest Chambers grandbaby, Luke Payne, my sister Mandy's baby boy. He's such a sweetie!

Luke and his Mommy!
Luke and Aunt Susan
Luke with his Great-Mamaw
Me and my newest nephew

CJ showing off a gift for his "sissy" :)
Mackenzie's Maddie Puppy (all the grandchildren have one)
Sunday we got back to Waco in time to attend the 20th anniversary party for our NICU at Hillcrest Hospital in Waco. We asked Gran and Grandaddy to go with us and Grandaddy took all of these GREAT PICTURES! The party was held at the Cameron Park Zoo. We had a great time taking the girls around to see all of the animals and to see some of our fav NICU nurses and saying HI to Dr. Wheeler, our Neonatologist, again.
Some of Our favs: Lindsey, Candice, Nick and Kristi!
Dr. Wheeler

On our walk through the zoo, yes, a young woman actually said, "Hey lady, can I take a picture of your babies?" I said, "I'd rather you didn't, thanks."

On our way out, we added the girls' hand prints to the banner for the 20th Anniversary of the NICU.
A few pics from today...eatin bananas
With her mouthful!
Addie, not wanting to smile for me...
No pictures mommy!
Cheeser Baylee! She's getting her first top tooth! You can't see it here though :)
Cutie pie
Mmmmmmm, bananas
Giving the remote control a bath today....Baylee's idea...she likes to put things where they don't belong :)
We LOVE IT when Daddy gets home!
Reagan lovin on Daddy
I'll stay right here, thank you!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Past Few Weeks

I apologize to our blog followers for not blogging for so long. The weeks have just gotten away from me it seems. :) So here we go...what we've been up to lately...
I cried during a Toviaz commercial today. Toviaz-for overactive bladder. My spontaneous bawling had nothing to do with an overactive bladder. ;) The commercial had a Mom and Dad dropping their child off at college and as this commercial came on I was watching my girls play with kitchen bowls and spoons at the back windows while our dogs, Berkley and Sophie, ran back and forth across the porch. The girls were just giggling and bouncing up and down and I thought, "We will never get these moments back...and one day we will be dropping them off at college." Ugh....tears!
A pic of the girls finding the tupperware drawer
It has been a crazy couple of weeks. After the girls got over being sick, we went to Gunter for the weekend to celebrate Grammy's birthday. We had a great weekend at Grammy and Pop's house and then had a birthday lunch at Aunt Missy and Uncle Clark's house for Grammy. Missy made this amazing 3-layer cookie cake! Brent was talking about it for days. :)
Last week, Brent was working on building a fence across the backyard to keep the dogs away from the house. He will soon be working on repairing the damage they have done to our yard and back porch. So he has had some long, busy nights away from me and the girls, which means I have had some long, exhausting days.
This is how crazy I have been lately - I was rushing out the door one morning to take the girls on a walk and I ran into the bedroom to throw on some flip flops. I got all the way around our neighborhood before I realized I had two different flip flops black and one brown.
Oops! Excuse my unmanicured toes...haven't had time for a pedi lately. :)
Oh! And amidst the chaos of our house, Addie has become a biter. I don't know where she got this but when she gets frustrated or jealous about something she will bite her sisters. She only has two bottom teeth, but still, it hurts! One day last week, Reagan became her victim TWICE! Once on the hand and once on the cheek! Ouch! Poor Reagan had the remains of two tiny tooth marks on her left cheek to prove it for a few days. I also don't know what to do to get her to stop. You can't explain to her what she is doing wrong because she doesn't understand. Stern words and pointing to Reagan's cheek just made Addie bawl her little heart out...not sure she understood why I was upset with her.
Sweet Addie sleeping on her Maddie puppy
Brent and I took the girls for a checkup last Friday to see if their ear infections had cleared up and to get the girls' their 12 month shots. They were perfectly healthy and all over their ear infections and they each had to get FIVE shots. Oh man! It is so hard to watch and have them looking at you like "Why are you letting this lady hurt me?!" Breaks my heart! The did recover really well and stopped crying very quickly. They haven't had any side effects from the shots, so far, so here's hoping it's smooth sailing.
So happy...waiting for shots
Last weekend, Brent and I had a parents' weekend out. I spent Saturday shopping at Canton with my mom, Jill, and Jill's friend Tammy. Brent spent Saturday through Sunday on a canoe/camping trip with Jill's husband, Randy, and a few of his friends. I don't recommend a Canton trip on a Saturday, there were WAY too many people for my comfort level. :) Gran and Grandaddy came to our house for the weekend to watch the girls for us. We got a great report when we got back and the girls had been out around the neighborhood in the choo choo with Gran and Grandaddy.
We are looking forward to the baby shower in honor of our one and only neice! That will be our next trip and Brent's 10-year high school reunion is coming up on our calendar as well. Wow, we are getting OLD! :)