Friday, September 17, 2010

We Now Have A Toddler!

It's a strange mix of emotions when your baby starts walking. You are so excited! And so extremely sad at the same time. We have a toddler now...yeay! and *sobs*

Baylee Walking
(Scroll to the bottom of the blog screen and hit Pause on the music player before playing the video if you'd like to hear the audio on the video...really it's just me encouraging Baylee so if you'd rather hear the music, that's fine too!)

Are You Serious?

I felt like I was sitting in an episode of the Twilight Zone yesterday. And instead of hearing Oprah point to the girls and say, "You get a new car! And you get a new car! Everybody gets a new car!" It was our pediatrician saying, "You've got double ear infections! You've got double ear infections! You've got an ear infection! Everybody has ear infections!"
So after $75 in office co-pays and $100 in prescription's our final diagnosis.
All three girls have cough, congestion and really runny noses. Addison has double ear infections (she wasn't even acting fussy, we had no idea). Baylee has double ear infections (even if Baylee had wanted to warn us that she wasn't feeling well, I'm not sure we would have caught on because she is at a level 10 all the time). Reagan has one ear infection. We are now doing antibiotics twice a day, breathing treatments for Addison every four hours, sucking snot out of noses 3 times a day, we have cool mist humidifiers running in both bedrooms and we are dosing an antihistamine/decongestant prescription as needed. Whew!
I attribute the girls great sleep coaching early on to the fact that throughout all of this, they are still sleeping through the night. Gasp! Yes, they are. And yes, Baylee has had some issues at the beginning of the night and needs a little loving from Mommy and Daddy, but last night that only took about 30 minutes and then she was right to sleep.
We had our 12 month check-up during their appointment Thursday. The girls are starting to "slim down" mostly due to all of their mobility. Baylee remains smaller and shorter than Addison and Reagan. Here are their stats at 12 months and 2 weeks.
Addison - 23 lbs. 5 oz. and 29 1/4 inches
Reagan - 23 lbs. 6 oz. and 29 3/4 inches
Baylee - 21 lbs. 7 oz. and 28 1/2 inches
The girls continue to be great eaters. We have weaned them down to only one bottle, their nighttime bottle, and we are going to start weaning them off of that as soon as they are feeling better. They have tried all kinds of new foods and continue to love most anything. Zucchini..check! Broccoli...check! Squash...check! They also love scrambled eggs, waffles, chicken, peas, mashed potatoes and much more.
Baylee is walking much more. She is taking about 7 or 8 steps now before she falls down which is great! She is really going to be running around here very soon!
We are looking forward to a low-key weekend at home recovering from our sick week.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Visit to Grammy and Pop's and Sick...Again

Last weekend we took a trip to Gunter to stay with Grammy and Pop for the weekend. We had a great time seeing the new "grandkid" addition to their house all completed and the girls LOVED spending time playing in the new Media/Playroom with all of Grammy's great toys!
Reagan riding the rocking horse - Originally her cousin CJ's :)

Addie having a great time with Daddy!

Cutie Baylee Brynn
Grammy has TONS of toys collected over the now 7 grandchildren she has. Their playroom was a WRECK when we were finished with it.
This week, after our great trip to Gunter, everyone got SICK. I am really sick, finally got some meds today. The girls were majorly sick. I think they are starting to get a little better now, though. Everyone has a cold, major congestion, cough...the whole shebang! Brent got the least of it out of everyone. I had Sarah here to help me on Tuesday when things started to get the worst and then Brent took off today to stay home and help me with sick girls since I am sick too. It was so great having him here to help, I would have really been dragging and worn down if I hadn't had him here to help.
Daddy and his girls - SICK DAY!
Addie doesn't look like she is feeling bad but trust me, she was not this playful at all yesterday. She slept for almost FOUR HOURS yesterday afternoon, she was feeling so bad! Poor baby!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

1st Birthday Party!

1 year ago today, God blessed the two of us with three precious baby girls. We could not be happier with how our lives have changed. We have been challenged, we have had laughs and we have had many tears. We made it through this year together and we learned SO MUCH along the way. My how our girls have grown!
I am not kidding when I tell you that I started planning this party more than 6 months ago. I am my mother's child and I'm a planner. I like to think it makes me very organized and strategic but sometimes Brent thinks I'm a little overkill. :) I remember a while back when I ordered something for the party that came in the mail and Brent asked, "What's this for?" I replied, "The girls' first birthday party." he said, "That's not for SIX MONTHS!" Haha! What can I say? I was excited about it.
Thank you to everyone that came out to help us celebrate!
The Invitation

Duo grilling! That's my husband! CJ and Mark Robert Miller
Aunt Missy and Baylee Boo Grammy and Addie
Peyter-Tot and Reagan on the swing and slide from Grammy and Pop
Pop and Addie
Grandaddy and Reagan
Supper Club Crew! Well, minus Pam and Brent. :)

Uncle Adam, Aunt Elizabeth and Gran relaxing after the cake was cut

McKowns! Love this sweet family! Little man looks sooo tired! :)
Pop, Great-Papaw and Great Mamaw watching the festivities!

Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Adam
Christy Hill and her husband Tim with Baylee...Christy is/was our newborn care specialist and helped me take care of the girls and now she is practically a part of our family!
Me and my awesome Dad!
Our family, happy and worn out :)
Me and my BFF, Jill (Who showed up early to help decorate after a frantic text about you honey!)
Sweet CJ, eatin some cake
Peyton Daniel Miller :)
Daddy with Addison