Monday, September 28, 2009

Baylee At Home...Reagan and Addison soon to follow

We have loved having Baylee at home! And I think she likes it a lot too. :) Her Grammy has been here helping to take care of her and she snapped this pic today while I was at the hospital with Reagan and Addison.
Baylee stretching out in her swing...

Her sisters have been doing great in the NICU, and we think they will come home very, very soon. They both weigh 4 lbs. 6 oz. as of last night.
Addison & Reagan snuggled up in their crib...

The best we can tell so far, this is the only physical difference between Addison and Reagan. Reagan has a small, red birthmark inside her left ear. It may or may not be a hemangioma, which would eventually just go away, but so far, if all else fails, we can use this to determine who is who.
Reagan's left ear...

We received the cutest onesies today in the mail from the triplets' great-grandparents, Mamaw and Papaw Chambers. They have the girls' names embroidered on the front. Thank you!

More to come when we get all three girls home!


  1. They look great Shell!
    Baylee is Brent's lil twinkie!
    The onesies are sweet!

  2. Grammy and Baylee are waiting for Addison & Reagan to get home this morning!!!!