Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two Week Birthday, Bottle Feedings and Baths!

Saturday marked the 2 week birthday of the Addison, Reagan and Baylee. The girls are doing great and progressing very, very well. As of today, Sunday, September 20th, Baylee is weighing in at 4 lb. 4.4 oz. Reagan is at 3 lbs. 12.8 oz. and Addison is at 3 lbs. 12.7 oz. Our awesome nurse, Candice, made the following cards for the girls to celebrate their 2 week birthday. She also took pictures of them and made the cards below.

Happy 2 Week Birthday to our sweet girls!

This past Friday was Brent's first chance to bottle feed Baylee since she was on two bottles a day. He did a great job! Baylee finished her bottle in no time.
Brent bottle feeding Baylee for the first time...

Saturday was also the first time Brent's parents Ron and Brenda (Grandaddy and Gran) were able to come into the NICU to hold Baylee. We won't be able to let grandparents hold Addison and Reagan until they are in an open crib like Baylee. Pretty soon they won't have to share holding time; there will be a baby for everyone to hold! :) Also, thanks to Dr. Wheeler, we are now allowed to have 3 visitors at a time in the NICU to see the babies but only parents and grandparents. Due to the H1N1 virus, they have limited visitation to the NICU to parents and grandparents only, which is fine with us. We feel more comfortable with the limited visitation as cases of the swine flu increase in the area.

Grandaddy and Gran holding Baylee for the first time...

Today was the first time we have been able to bathe Baylee. I had to sponge bathe her this afternoon because she hadn't lost her umbilical cord yet (which finally fell off tonight). Next time we will be able to put her in a bath.

Me bathing Baylee for the first time...

Baylee after her bath, feeling good and smelling wonderful! She is such a sweet baby. She didn't fuss and cry while I was working with her, she just peered out at us and when the water ran over her hair as I was washing it, she closed her eyes like, "ahhh, that feels niiiice."

We will most likely be bringing Baylee home before her sisters. She weighs more and is taking 38 mls for each feeding whereas Addison and Reagan are currently taking 35 mls. As of today, Baylee has been moved up to bottle feed for every other feeding. The next step for her will be a bottle for each feeding. Things are looking good for us to bring her home in the next week or so...we HOPE! Her sister's won't be far behind her, they are also gaining and their feedings have been going very well. Reagan downed her feeding from me tonight in 10 minutes. :)

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  1. Such sweet pictures! Don't forget to email them to me! I loved seeing darling Baylee so wide eyed looking at you! She loved her bath!