Friday, September 18, 2009

Co-Bedding and Grammy Holding Baylee!

Today was the first time we have been able to bottle feed the girls. They all did so well that they are letting us bottle feed twice a day starting today!
Today was also the first time Grammy was able to hold the girls. Since Baylee is in an open crib, we can hold her at any time for as long as we want and that includes grandparents. :) Mom was so happy!
Grammy holding Baylee for the first time...
Addison and Reagan also started co-bedding this morning and it is just about the cutest thing you have ever seen! Immediately after they were placed in the same bed together, Addison reached out and grabbed the front of Reagan's onesie and held on. It wasn't that long ago that they were in much closer quarters. At least now they have a little leg room. :)

Addison holding onto her sister...

So sweet...

With their puppies and a picture of their sister in the background...

In case you are wondering how they are keeping Addison and Reagan apart, everything is color coded. Addison is red and Reagan is purple.

As soon as Addison and Reagan are big enough, all three will be able to co-bed together in a crib.

I am looking forward to tonight when Brent will have his first chance to bottle feed one or two of the girls. :)


  1. CJ just saw the pics and said, "Oh, they are so so sweet mommy"!

  2. I'm so blessed to be one of their Grandmothers!