Monday, February 14, 2011

Lovely Weather!

Even though Baylee and I are both a bit under the weather (no pun intended), we just HAD to get out of this house as a family over the weekend and take advantage of the amazing weather we are having. Low 70s! We were almost giddy with excitement!
Brent and I took the girls out to the park near our house and let them run free and have fun outside for a change.

Addie bear

Baylee Boo
Reagan Baby
Checkin out the rocks

Addie had the greatest time playing in the rocks...
Showing me the rocks...

Playing with Daddy
Dirty Butt
Tire Swing! So Cute!
Learning to drive...

In the far their favorite thing...they went in...
And and out...
And in again
So after our great trip to the park that afternoon, we thought it would be fun to take the girls to Toys R Us and get some bubble toys and a fun little pop up playhouse of sorts. Really, we were looking for a pop out tube for the girls to crawl in and out of, but we found this cool thing instead. It has a neat little ball pit in the middle that the girls just LOVE!
Playing and playing!

They liked to stick their faces through these holes and yell at us :)

Baylee started to feel pretty terrible on Saturday so I took her to the doctor today and she has bronchitis (maybe RSV) and double ear infections. She sounds TERRIBLE and is having trouble sleeping because of the nasty cough, but we hope she is on the way to feeling better very soon. She was a little doll at the doctor's office. They had to do x-rays of her chest and I wasn't able to stand with her since I am pregnant so two nurses came to help out and hold her in place for the pictures. She sat so sweetly and didn't fuss at all. After being there two hours, we have doctor's orders for a new antibiotic and breathing treatments. Hopefully, we will see some improvement over the next few days.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grammy Saves the Day!

I probably have mentioned on my blog before how awesome my mother, the girls' Grammy, is but REALLY after this week it deserves repeating.
Grammy came to see her girls for a few days starting on Monday. We were so happy she was coming in the first place and I'm sure she was looking forward to the quality cuddle time she was going to get with her Huse Gals and did she ever get it!!!
Monday night Brent, Grammy and I sat down to a leisurely dinner after the girls were in bed and mom happened to eat something different from Brent and me. Not a usual occurrence, but she didn't feel like eating what we were having that night. Thank goodness!
Brent and I both started feeling terrible Tuesday morning. Baylee had a freak throw up accident in her crib that morning which we now know wasn't related to anything going on with Brent and me because she felt completely fine right afterwards and was able to eat fine and go to Mother's Day Out without a problem that day. But, when I walked into the girls' nursery right after she threw up, it completely set me off. Not my finest "Mommy" moment but as I yelled for mom to come help me I caught a whiff of the vomit and I lost it. I ran from the room to heave-ho in the nearest sink I could find. So after that incident, I thought that my extreme nausea was just my body trying to recover from our weird morning.
Mom and I got the girls together and took them to MDO, ran a few errands and ended our trip out (with me getting greener and greener as we went) at the grocery store. As we walked into the frozen foods section, I said to my mom, "Everyone should come to the grocery store when they feel like this, nothing looks good."
About the time we were checking out, I told Grammy I was going to have to go sit in the car and she was going to have to drive home, which proved to be a good decision.
On our ride home, I decided to call Brent and discovered that he was feeling just as sick as I was and as we were discussing our mutual sickness I felt my body starting to reject itself. I started to yell for Grammy to "PULL OVER!" but there was nowhere she could go. We were blocked on all sides and at a red light, so a sick girls gotta do what a sick girls gotta do. I let it fly out of my opened car door in front of all surrounding cars, and I'm sure, their cell phone cameras. I hope that didn't end up on Facebook somewhere. :-/ How embarrassing. What is even worse is that I didn't even think to put my cell phone down. So there I am, letting it fly in the middle of the intersection, with my cell phone to my ear. Really?! Brent really appreciated hearing that on the speakerphone of his truck. LOL! I can laugh about it now, but at the time I wanted to crawl in the backseat and die.
We came home and I proceeded to the couch and Brent was on his way home as well. Brent and I ended up spending the rest of that day and night in our bed, closed up in our bedroom, sick as dogs while Grammy was left to fend for herself taking care of the girls, all while funneling us water and crackers through our bedroom door.
By the grace of God, Grammy was here to save the day while we were completely out of commission.
Here is how great my mom is: she cooks, she cleans, she does laundry, she runs errands, she loves on her grandbabies, kisses their boo-boos, wipes away their tears, reads them books and cuddles them as much as they will allow on a daily basis. All while trying to take care of Brent and me. She is truly Super Grammy.

Here are some pictures Grammy took during her adventures with triplets...

Baylee playing inside a toy cube

The girls pointing this out to Grammy

Addie's turn in the toy cube
Reagan helping Grammy fold baby clothes
The girls helping Grammy do laundry

And now a few Mother's Day Out pictures...
The girls on their first day of Mother's Day Out
Second day of Mother's Day Out
The girls headed to Mother's Day Out this morning in their Valentine's Day outfit
And a few pics of the girls after an Oreo cookie or two....yum!

Thank you, Grammy, for rolling with the unexpected and taking over while Brent and I weren't able to get out of bed. You have proven time and time again that you can handle it all and if I can be any likeness to the Mother you are, I will be doing a great job. Love you, Mom!