Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update and New Pictures!

The girls are doing so well! They are now at the "feeding and growing" stage in the NICU and they are gaining every day. :) They are all up to 30 cc's for each feeding (equal to 1 ounce) and are able to wear clothes because their IVs have been removed. They no longer need the IV fluids because their feedings have been increased. They are currently off of the photo therapy lights and each time we go see them they open their eyes and gaze at us more and more. We are so happy!
Yesterday evening, Brent took a few pictures of the girls in their clothes.
Addison - 09.14.2009

Reagan - 09.14.2009

(It looks like she has a tube in her mouth, but it is just the way she is laying)

Baylee - 09.14.2009

Then, this morning, when I arrived in the NICU to hold the girls before their 11:00 am feeding, our awesome nurse, Lindsey, (thanks again, Lindsey!) told me she would let me hold all three girls at the same time if I wanted to. Of course I did! She hooked up some mobile monitors to Baylee and Addison and brought them over to Reagan's bedside where I could hold all three of them. It was the best feeling to have all three in my arms sleeping soundly as I rocked.

Mommy with my little sweeties! Addison is peeking at Grammy taking the pic. :)

Reagan - 09.15.2009

Baylee - 09.15.2009

Addison - 09.15.2009

Hopefully, Brent will get his turn holding all three tonight.:) As long as all of their tube feedings keep going well as the amount is increased, they will start working on bottle feedings as the next step.

I will keep everyone updated as they progress.

Thank you so much for the prayers for our little girls!



  1. Michelle,
    I am so happy and relieved that you and the girls are all healthy. You did good! They are beautiful and such a blessing from God. Before you know it, they will be running circles around you. Happy Motherhood to you!
    B.A. Blake