Thursday, September 10, 2009

Update on the girls...

Today was also a great day for the girls. All three have started feedings and are slowly being weaned off of their IVs as they tolerate more tube feedings by mouth. Baylee followed right behind her sisters and had her CPAP removed this afternoon! Tonight was the first time we have seen her without the tubes in her nose and she is so precious. :) I just can't get over how much she looks like her Daddy. When we sat with her tonight, we both started talking to her and she slowly opened those amazing eyes and looked right at her Daddy.
Addison and Reagan are both just moving right along. They are still on the photo therapy lights, which Baylee has already been taken off. Hopefully, their labs will come back good enough in the next few days to take them off of the photo therapy lights as well.
We may also be allowed to hold them whenever we want if they are able to have their last lines taken out. We are hoping that happens soon so Brent can hold them in the evenings and on the weekends whenever and as much as he wants.
Mom has been here taking care of me during the day and being my chauffeur since I still can't drive for the next week or so. I couldn't have asked for a better mother. :) She cooks, she cleans, she takes care of everything we need. Brent has been responsible for cooking meals for the past few months while I was on bed rest and I can tell you, we both don't want Mom to leave anytime soon. Brent comes home to a wonderful meal and just gets to enjoy it. No cooking required after a long day at work. Just what he deserves for how well he has taken care of me over the past few months.
I also had an appointment with Dr. Beaird today to get my staples taken out. Didn't hurt that much. :) Got my flu shot and I am feeling better and better everyday. Still have to walk slowly and be really careful getting in and out of the car, but other than that, I feel good.
I will update again tomorrow or Saturday. :)

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