Monday, September 7, 2009

Cute stuff from over the delivery weekend...

So I had to share the rest of the cute pictures my best friend, Jill, got over the delivery weekend.
Our nephew CJ colored a spectacular picture for his three new cousins! Here is a picture of his wonderful coloring. We are going to add it next to one of the girls' beds in the NICU so they know the boys are thinking about them and they can't wait to meet them. :) My mom was speaking to CJ on the phone last night and he said the girls names, like he was so used to saying them all the time already. He asked about "Weagan, Baylee and Addison.." So cute! When I got on the phone with him he asked how the three babies were doing in the hospital. I told him they love his coloring and he said, "I am going to come see the babies as soon as I get out of school." :) CJ is going to work on two more colorings for the girls so the NICU can be covered in his artwork.

Next, I thought it would be a cute idea to have t-shirts made for the immediate family to wear on the day of delivery and the days after when they might be visiting the NICU a lot. With the help of Erin (Thanks Erin!), we designed a cute t-shirt with "Proud Family of the Huse Triplets" on the front and each person's name on the back, so for example, my Mom's shirt said "Grammy" on the back. This would identify our people to the nurses and staff of the NICU a lot easier. Especially since the grandparents can go in without Brent or me whenever they want. So distinguishing themselves from other visitors was important to me.

This first picture is a close-up of the t-shirts.

This is some of the family, posing in their shirts.

My Dad "Pop", My Mom "Grammy", my sister "Aunt Mandy", Brent's Mom "Gran" and Brent's Dad "Grandaddy"

My mom and sisters, Aunt Mandy and Aunt Missy. Cute! Cute!

My Mom "Grammy", my oldest sister "Aunt Mandy", my older sister "Aunt Missy"
And finally, Jill and Mandy spent the night at our house Saturday after the delivery. They were so sweet to go through the task of washing all of the bottles so they are ready whenever the girls can come home. I guess it was a bigger job than they expected....

This is Mandy with all of the bottles.

Here you can see bottles and parts all laid out...

Thank you to everyone that has come by to visit us and see the girls! We are so blessed with friends and family and Addison, Reagan and Baylee have no shortage of people who already love them.

We love you all!!!
Brent and Michelle

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