Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another Day in the NICU...

Just as we had hoped, Addison followed her sisters and had her last line taken out of her belly button today so we were able to do Kangaroo Care with her today for the first time. All of their feedings have been increased and they are slowly gaining weight. Progress! Progress!
Kangaroo Care with Addison

Close up of Addison during Kangaroo Care

Brent had his turn at Kangaroo Care with Baylee this afternoon.

Kangaroo Care with Baylee

Baylee snuggled up in Daddy's chest hair :)

My turn with Reagan

The girls are one week old today. Their nurses put up these signs next to each of their beds.

Happy 1 week birthday precious babies!

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  1. Happy Birthday to All the should imagine the Happy Birthday tune in the background and someone who can sing singing the song for them.