Monday, August 31, 2009

Just A General Update

Well, we have made it another week! I had some contractions Saturday evening, more than normal, but they stopped after an hour when I drank a lot of water and took one of the pills Dr. Beaird prescribed for me. I am still having a few contractions everyday, most of them are in the evening starting around 8:00 pm. They tend to slow down or even stop by the time I am ready to go to bed. I am still having a little trouble sleeping, not due to insomnia so much, but more due to being generally uncomfortable. My back pain gets worse everyday due to the medicine ball I am carrying around out front. I am starting to outgrow most of my maternity clothes because of my huge belly. I have taken to lounging around the house on bedrest in Brent's t-shirts and comfy pants. We will be 31 weeks on Wednesday! Our next check-up is tomorrow at 10:00 am with Dr. Beaird. Then we meet with our high risk doctor in Temple on Thursday. We need to make it another 3 weeks at least.
Brent is helping with the West Fest parade on Saturday morning, as he does every year, and I have already put in my order :) 1 beer bread sandwich easy on the kraut, 1 funnel cake and 1 spudzilla. I believe the only thing I am going to miss about being pregnant is being able to eat whatever I want because of the need to pack on the pounds for these little babies. That all ends when these girls get here. Brent and I will be back on our diet and exercise plan. Boooo...
I will update here on how our appointment goes with Dr. Beaird tomorrow.
Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers! Your support is invaluable.

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  1. You are going to make it honey! Thanks for the update. We will watch for more news tomorrow after your Dr appt