Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What A Wonderful Day!!! Holding The Babies!

We had the most wonderful day today! Brent and I met with our new pediatrician, Dr. Dewbre this morning to discuss the triplets.
As soon as we were finished there, we headed over to the NICU to meet my mom, dad, sister Missy and nephew CJ who is 3 years old. Brent and I went into the NICU to visit the girls and we found out that both Reagan and Addison were coming off of the CPAP today and they were having one of their lines removed from their belly!!! This meant we would get to hold them today! They would also start their feedings today. We were so excited!

Baylee is still on her CPAP but she had one of her lines removed and we were able to hold her as well. We are confident that she will come off the CPAP not long after her sisters.

We are only allowed to hold each of the girls for 30 minutes between the two of us. We split up our time so we each had 15 minutes holding each of the girls.

I have included some video clips of Brent and me holding the girls, as well as a few pictures of us holding them and enjoying those first moments.

Video Clip of Brent holding Reagan for the first, love, love...

Reagan sleeping in my arms...

Video Clip of me holding Addison and she is opening her eyes to look at her mommy and daddy...such a sweet little angel

Brent holding Addison for the first time...big smile on Daddy's face

Video Clip of Brent holding Baylee...she looks so much like him already, the hair, the chin, the lips...such a sweetie

Picture of me holding Baylee with Brent close by...proud parents...

Thank you to our nurses today, Candice and Lindsey, for helping us with the girls and being so sweet with them. We feel very comfortable leaving them in your care and the care of the other wonderful nurses at the Hillcrest NICU (Just a little shout out to you all :) And don't worry Dr. Wheeler, I didn't blog about that thing we talked about today :)

Michelle and Brent


  1. sooo exciting Shell!! I can only imagine how excited you were to finally hold your little girls. We are praying for you and them daily and I cannot wait to visit soon :) love you! J