Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2:30 am In the hospital

At the hospital now. Started having regular contractions around 10:30 pm last night. Brent and I started measuring and once I had 5 in 30 minutes, we called our on-call doctor and Dr. Dunn told us to come in if we wanted to be checked. When we got here they admitted us and since then they have checked out all 3 girls and they are doing great. They cheched my cervix and it looked fine, not dialated. Took some blood and urine samples, gave me a shot and some ambien to calm everything down and they are pushing fluids and antibiotics. Dr. Dunn just came In to tell us that things have slowed down a little but he wants to wait until morning to check me again, there is a possibility we may have to deliver in Temple at Scott & White of things keep professing. We will see what other measures we need to take to keep the babies cooking a little longer in the morning. Going to try to sleep now.
Love you all!

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