Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Released from hospital...

After resting last night, I continued to have strong, inconsistent contractions this morning without any cervical change. Due to that, Dr. Beaird gave me a sedative to relax me and try to calm the contractions. It wasn't a pleasant experience for me. It knocked me down immediately and I started to get extremely hot and sweat. Mom had to cover my head, legs and arms with cold washcloths to keep my temp down. Then I started to feel like I needed to tell myself to inhale to breathe. My breathing would become more and more shallow until I would tell myself to take a huge breath in. At one point I couldn't keep my eyes open because of the meds so I asked Mom to make sure I didn't stop breathing in my sleep. I probably wouldn't have stopped breathing but it sure felt like I was going to. The meds started to wear off after about 4 hours and when I could finally wake up and sit up, Mom had some food for me and I was starving! Dr. Beaird had come by a few times in the morning to check on me and when he came back around 1:00 to check on me I was awake. He said that these episodes of hospital stays are just going to be par for the course, my body feels like it is 41 weeks pregnant no matter how much we try to tell it I'm not ready. We will continue to try and calm the contractions with fluids and sedatives and possibly toxilitics (stronger drugs to stop contractions) but if my body breaks through those efforts the babies will be delivered once it is determined that I am in active labor with significant cervical change. So far, we haven't gotten to that point. We are hoping to hold out 2-4 more weeks, even if I end up back in the hospital one or two more times because of contractions. If that happens, it happens. Better to try to keep active labor from happening than to allow it to reach that point at home and then it is too late to stop it once we get to the hospital. Dr. Beaird released me from the hospital after our talk this afternoon. He sent me home with a prescription for a mild sedative I can take if I start contracting a lot. It may help us hold out these next few weeks. But the drug won't stop active labor if these babies are bound and determined to join us in this world. Brent picked me up and took me home and I have been in bed ever since. Please pray for us; that my mind and body will be quiet and restfull these next few weeks so I can carry these babies until at least 34 weeks.

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  1. I check your site from day to day, Suzette had told me about it. I hope you do not mind me posting a comment, but I just wanted to let ya know I am praying for ya and my mom is too! Reading your site brings back so many memories, you are almost at the same numbers of weeks that I was at this same time nine years ago!!! Take care and try to take it easy. God Bless, Donna