Friday, August 14, 2009

Released from the hospital!

Well, I have just been released from the hospital! No more wires and needles. I left with instructions for strict bed rest and to not come back to see them for at least another month, which I plan on. We saw Dr. Beaird late last night and he is very happy with the way everything looks. We love our doctor! Babies look great and I haven't had any contractions in 2 days. We are going to keep plugging along. Our next appointments will be Tuesday, the first at 11:00 am with Dr. Allen in Temple and then 3:30 pm that afternoon with Dr. Beaird. Can't wait to see how much our little girls have grown since our last appointment.
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers during our little scare. We appreciate all of your love and support.
With love,
Brent and Michelle


  1. Thank you, God for protecting this precious family.