Thursday, August 6, 2009

Doctor's appointment today!

We had our weekly check-up with Dr. Beaird this afternoon. My BP was a little higher than normal when they took it the first time, but after they took it a few more times, everything was okay. The babies still look very good and Dr. Beaird was pleased with the results of our last ultrasound with Dr. Allen. My cervix length was a little shorter this week at 2.65, but Dr. Beaird reminded us that we have seen it fluctuate before and especially in these last 4-6 weeks, we will see it get shorter. I am not dilated and I am not in pre-term labor, but he emphasized the fact that I really need to start reducing my activity even more. I need to be off my feet so either in bed or in my comfy recliner. He also reiterated that we need to have a low threshold for changes and increased uterine activity. So, if I feel more than 4 contractions in an hour, we need to go in and get checked.
I am starting my maternity leave next week so that will help me to stay in bed and not worry about checking e-mail and taking phone calls.
I will keep everyone updated with any changes, otherwise, our next appointment is Wednesday, Aug. 12th with Dr. Allen. We will get to see how much the babies have grown since our last appointment. :)

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  1. It is so special to read your progress. Makes me feel like I'm there. And I will be next week. Each day is a blessing. A friend dreamed you had the babies on 9/14!!!!! Hum....