Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update on hospital stay...

Today is a much better more contractions HOORAY! They had me on monitors all day checking the babies' heart rates and my contractions (or lack thereof) and everything seemed to completely calm down. Brent's mom came to visit us and keep us company in the room for a while this afternoon. I was begging the nurses to find out if I could take a shower. They never got a response back to me so when we got to see our doctor, Dr. Beaird, around 7:00 pm tonight that was one of our questions. He agreed to let me take a shower! HOORAY ! THANK YOU! It is a little tricky when your IV hand is bagged and taped and you are working with an IV tube and one hand in the shower...I think I did a pretty good job though. :) I feel soooo much better now.

Then, to my delight, our wonderful Nurse Manager, Gay, came in and let me know she spoke to Dr. Patterson, our on-call doctor and Dr. Patterson agreed to take me off all of the monitors so I can sleep better tonight, especially since they haven't seen any contractions all day. I will definitely let them know if I feel one, but today has been smooth sailing so I am not worried.

I did order dinner from the hospital tonight, because breakfast was so good, and I learned my lesson. No bueno. Brent ended up having to order take out from The Elite and the shrimp poboy I got was AWESOME! So much better!

We talked to Dr. Beaird about our chances of having to deliver at Temple Scott & White hospital and he has 100% confidence in the NICU team at this new Hillcrest hospital and the only way he would consider moving us is if there was some issue with my health, which hasn't happened so far. So, as far as we know, we will still be delivering at Hillcrest, 5 minutes from our house.

I took this picture with my phone last night or, rather, really early this morning. They had given me 2 ambien to try to sleep and I didn't even doze at all, I was WIDE awake with all the worry, but Brent was trying to get some shut eye in his very comfortable couch/bed.
Doesn't he look like an angel husband with that spot light on him?!?! I know, gushy lovie, but so true. Love you honey!

I will keep everyone updated on when we should be released to go home. I can't wait for my bed, I feel like I am sleeping on bricks.

*MWAH* Love you all


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