Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update on hospital stay

Well, the contractions continued pretty regularly through the night. By this morning, Dr. Dunn and Dr. Beaird decided to keep me here for monitoring until Friday. As long as I am stable and the contractions have slowed down or stopped, they will release me Friday and hopefully we can go a few more weeks before the babies make their appearance. We are hoping to hold out as long as possible but if the contractions start again and are regular then we may end up back here to deliver sooner than we anticipated.
So far the things I have not liked about being in the hospital:
Being hooked up to so many wires, tubes and monitoring devices....I have to untangle and ask for help each time I need to go to the bathroom, which is often because I AM PREGNANT
The IV - ouch and it ouches each time I move my hand the wrong way
Blood Pressure Cuff - Squeezes so hard I think my fingers are going to explode
The hospital bed - so uncomfortable...I thought I was uncomfortable in my bed at home when trying to sleep, well, guess what, it gets a whole lot worse

The things I have really liked while being in the hospital:
Hearing the babies heartbeats all the time like galloping horses as background music
My nurses!!! Candace and Amanda have been so patient and sweet with us.
Oddly enough, the hospital food...I had a very decent breakfast burrito with potatoes and a side of sausage for breakfast with salsa on the side, not too shabby.

I will update everyone as things progress and we hear more news from Dr. Beaird.

Love you all,

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