Sunday, October 11, 2009

Visits from Family and Friends!

Today we had visits from all kinds of family and friends. The girls' Aunt Elizabeth and her fiance, Adam, came by this morning to see the them before they headed back to Fort Worth.
Aunt Elizabeth holding Baylee
Then the girls' Great Papaw and Aunt Susan came to see the girls in person for the first time. We enjoyed seeing our family so much this weekend. :)
Great Papaw holding Addison and Aunt Susan holding Reagan
Great Papaw holding Reagan and Addison
Brent hanging out with Reagan during "tummy time"...

Then, my good friends from high school, Chad and Rahul came by on their way through town to see us and the girls. They got to see the whole triplet set up and watch us get ready to feed everyone at 5:00 pm. We had a great time visiting and catching up. Thanks guys for coming by, it was great to see you both!


  1. Those are great pictures! I bet you are worn out..first night tonight by yourselves, I am sure you will do great!