Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Poop Post

Never in my life have I been so concerned about POOP! It takes becoming a parent for this to be a major issue. How much of it, how often, the color, the consistency, the absence of poop, it goes on and on. I have also never had my sister call and inquire about my ability to poop, but I have had my sister call and inquire if one of the girls had been able to poop yet. Our pediatrician told us if the girls go over three days without pooping, we can try a few things to get the poop rolling. So one of the girls hadn't pooped in 3 days and we started to get a little concerned. It was also a concern of their Aunt's. :) So concerning that she asked about it during a call to my mom. My sister is a mom of three, so of course, she knows about the importance of poop.
I also received my first text message about poop today. Mom was watching the girls while Brent and I ran some errands between their 2 o'clock and 5 o'clock feeding. She sent me the following text while we were out..."Guess who just had a HUGE poopy?!" One of the girls had finally pooped. I sent back, "You know you are a parent when get a text message like this and you are happy about it.:)" I actually was a little sad that I wasn't here when it happened to get excited about it.
Also, as a parent, you don't seem to mind getting poop on you near as much as you would pre-parenting. For example, during the girls' photoshoot Friday, they were between shots and were without clothing and a diaper at the time (have to get those cute naked baby shots, right?!) and one of the girls decided she needed to go #2 (all over the photographer's nice drop cloth :)) and mid-poop Brent snatches her up off of the set-up and cups his hand under her to catch the rest of the poop. He said, "I was only able to do that because it is my kid. It is different when it is your kid." True. It is different. And the trifecta was achieved...Brent got pooped on. :)


  1. Maybe we could have a poop-off! I've got a good post for you-happened Friday morning!

  2. Poop has been the focus this week! We all know how constipation affects us. So imagine a poor baby that can't tell you. But all is well now that everyone is cleaned out!