Friday, October 23, 2009

"Glee" or Sleep

Brent and I have the night routine down, but it is a tight schedule. He gets home around 5:45 pm or 6:00 most nights and we have just an hour to eat dinner before we start baths at 7:00 pm. Takes us about 45 minutes to do baths for everyone and then we start their 8 pm feeding when baths are finished. After that, the girls go down for bedtime. Last night they did pretty well. We were shocked when all three girls were zonked out right after their 8 pm feeding. Brent and I had a moment of discussion in the living room when we realized they were all asleep and no one was fussing. It was 8:30 pm, do we sit down and watch our new favorite show "Glee" that we have taped from Wednesday, or do we take advantage of the situation and go to sleep. We chose sleep. :)
You could offer me $1,000 right now, or 6 full hours of continuous sleep, and I would take the sleep, hands hesitation.
Yesterday was kind of a rough day for Baylee. I took her for the follow up head ultrasound (everything came back normal, by the way) and she did great through that, then when we got home she was fussy the rest of the afternoon but she didn't seem to have as much reflux which is good. After every feeding and awake time, I would try to move her from the living room where she had fallen asleep to her crib and she would wake up and start crying. I would try to soothe her, play her music, cuddle her back to sleep, nothing worked. I guess she just hates being in her crib. I brought her into the living room and put her in her swing and she calmed down. Then a few hours later she was fussy again. I ended up getting her out of her swing and laying down on the couch with her on my chest and she was out like a light. Maybe she just wants to cuddle with Mommy. :)
Also, last night it was Zaky to the rescue! You may remember my post about my baby shower where my Aunt Susan gave me the Zaky hand. Basically, it is a bead filled hand that you can place with the baby to make them feel like you are there with them with a hand on their tummy or back. Early this morning, around 4 am, Baylee was fussing and wouldn't stop crying after her feeding. I was out of ideas until I remembered the Zaky. I placed Baylee on her back with the Zaky hand across her chest and she calmed down and went right to sleep. Then I was able to go back to bed. Thank you Aunt Susan!
I am looking forward to the weekend when Brent will be home with us and the girls' Aunt Mandy will be coming to stay with us for a week. So excited!


  1. I am so glad that things are calming down a bit! I am so proud of both of you! Maybe you need some more Zaky hands!! I know that Mandy will enjoy getting to know her nieces. I look forward to being there the following week!

  2. Zaky to the rescue! I'm so glad it came in "handy" for you! Love it! Let me know if you need 2 more!!!!