Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Much Better Night...

Maybe the scheduling is working...I'm not totally convinced yet. Last night was a much better night. We got the girls fed at 8:00 pm and put them down immediately afterward and there was a little fussing but no screaming. Baylee still had her reflux issue which kept her up a little past 9:00 pm but other than that, the girls slept well between feedings. I was even able to go to bed after their 11 pm feeding. We have started to demand feed the girls at night instead of schedule feeding like we have been doing since they were released from the hospital. Last night was the first try and Baylee still woke up exactly at 2:00 am ready to eat, and then again at 5:30 ready to eat. So we made it another 30 minutes between night feedings, and hopefully their sleep time at night will continue to increase between feedings. Once they reach a certain weight and their 2 month birthday, we will start trying to eliminate night feedings all together. I think I will have a little party when that happens. :)
I also took Baylee back to see the pediatrician today for bloodwork. Her iron level has decreased, even though we have been supplementing her with iron in one feeding each day. Her doctor decided to send her for a head ultrasound just to ensure that there aren't any issues we can't see that might be causing her iron level, hemoglobin, to decrease. Baylee, and her sisters, had head ultrasounds done multiple times while they were in the NICU, so they have been through this before. We are also still trying to find a solution to her reflux issue. Her doctor prescribed her Reglan (this will be our third prescription to try) so we will be giving her this 3 times a day and I really hope to see some improvement. Bless her little heart, she just cries and cries after each feeding because she has that reflux coming up.
While I took Baylee to the pediatrician, our friend Erin Ivy came over to watch Reagan and Addison. Thank you again Erin! You can't imagine how much stress that took off of my shoulders.

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