Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This Is The Hard Part

Well, this is definitely the hard part. Last night was the first night that we have had two upset, crying babies at one time and that makes things very difficult and stressful. I kept the girls on schedule yesterday, hoping that they would have better sleep patterns last night and that didn't really go as planned.
After their 8 PM feeding, Baylee and Reagan were awake and fussing the entire time. We changed diapers and tried to soothe them with pacis and nothing was working. I kept thinking, "You just ate an hour ago, are you hungry already?!" Reagan has never fussed like that; where it is just extreme crying. Baylee cries because of her reflux issue and that was her problem last night. We checked Reagan's temp to see if maybe that was why she was so upset, but it was perfect.
We finally brought Reagan out of the nursery and she fell asleep on her daddy's chest. Baylee was crying too and I was trying to do some research on her anemia online so I brought Baylee out and let her sleep next to Reagan on their daddy.
When we started getting them ready for their 11 PM feeding, Reagan and Baylee woke up and started screaming again, wailing crying. It was awful. We finally got the bottles in their mouths and they ate and seemed to be settling down.
After their feeding, Baylee's reflux started up again and she would not go down in her crib for anything. I tried everything. When she settled down enough, I left their room to go get ready for bed and by the time my head hit my pillow, Baylee was screaming again. I decided just to bring her in the living room and let her sleep with me in the recliner. Once I did that, she was fine.
But, that wasn't the end of it. I had Baylee asleep, finally, with me in the recliner and Reagan started wailing again from their bedroom. I didn't want to wake Baylee up again since it took me so long to get her to sleep in the first place that I decided to call Brent on his cell phone and get him to help me with Reagan. He was trying to sleep through all of this, and was doing a pretty good job of it. He got up to give Reagan her paci and soothe her until she was settling down and then he went back to bed. Not 5 minutes later, Reagan was screaming again. I tried calling again. Voicemail. Again. Voicemail. Again. Voicemail. I started thinking, "Did he turn his phone off?!" Then I tried yelling at him from the living room, hoping I wouldn't wake Baylee up. No answer. Again, "Brent! I need your help!" No answer. By this time, I was frazzled, tired and near the end of my rope. Brent used to be a very light sleeper, the slightest thing would wake him up. But I guess if you are tired enough, you can sleep through just about anything. I couldn't believe that he was sleeping through Reagan's screaming over the baby monitor which is on his nightstand. I got up out of the recliner with Baylee still asleep on my chest and walked to our bedroom where I opened the door and yelled, "Brent! I need your help!" He got up. :)
I went back to the bedroom and got Baylee settled again and Brent went to tend to Reagan. He gave her a paci and she settled down and then he came into the living room and settled into the recliner next to me in case she got upset again. I fell asleep with Baylee and eventually Brent went back to the bedroom to go back to sleep.
I woke up around 1:45 am when Baylee started to stir on my chest. I got up to get the girls fed and hope that they would sleep after this feeding without any problems. They did okay, a little fussing but not screaming, crying.
I woke up again at 4:45 when I heard the girls starting to fuss over the monitor. I got up to get them changed and get bottles ready. By the time I had them half way through their feeding I started feeling sick to my stomach but I couldn't leave them by themselves. If I stopped their feeding for too long, they would fall asleep and it would be next to impossible to get them to finish the rest of their bottles. So, I went back into the bedroom where Brent was sleeping to ask him to get up and help me until I could get back to the living room. I stood at the edge of my side of the bed and said, "Honey, I need your help." No response. "Honey, can you wake up and help me for a minute?" No response. So I figured he was just sleeping hard, so I walked around to his side of the bed and pushed on his leg a little while saying, "Honey, I need your help." Well, this wasn't a very good idea. Brent was in such a deep sleep that I guess he thought I was an intruder or something because he shot up and reared back like he was about to defend himself. I yelled, "HONEY! It's me! Chill out! I need your help." He calmed enough to settle down and realize what was happening and who I was. So, I won't be doing that again. I think I will stand back and poke him with a stick or something next time. :)
I finally got some good sleep between their 8 am and 11 am feeding this morning. They didn't make a peep. I am keeping them on their schedule again today, hoping that something starts to change at night. Baylee's reflux issue is really what keeps her from getting to sleep and we haven't found a medication yet that seems to help at all. I am taking Baylee back to the doctor tomorrow to see what we can do about that.

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  1. This will pass Shell, I know you must be exhausted. This is the most testing time all around...you'll make it through.