Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pictures of Daddy and Our Famous Girls!

I took some pictures of Brent with the girls tonight and some close-up shots of the girls and their cute, chubby faces :)! Addison was awake, Baylee and Reagan were not.
Daddy with Addison, Baylee & Reagan

Our Addison

Our Baylee

Our Reagan

Daddy mimicking Reagan

Next week will possibly be the girls' television debut! As many of you may or may not know, when the girls were born, Reagan was low on blood. She was pale in color whereas Addison (her identical triplet) was bright red and seemed to be getting most of the blood from the placenta. Due to this, Reagan was given 4 blood transfusions over the course of her time in the NICU. Because we weren't prepared for the possibility that a blood transfusion could be needed, Reagan received donated blood. A few days after the girls were born, we found out that Addison would also need a blood transfusion to help clear up a small heart murmur. It turned out that Brent was an exact blood type match to all of the girls so he went to Carter Blood Care to do a direct donation of blood for her and Baylee and Reagan as well if they needed it. In a direct donation, you can pay to donate blood to a specific person, or persons.

Because Reagan received donated blood, the hospital and Carter Blood Care asked us if we would be willing to let them have the girls as their "poster children" for their next blood drive. They will hold the blood drive in honor of the girls in the hopes of getting more people to donate blood. We agreed since we feel strongly that blood donation is important, even more so now that one of our children needed a transfusion at a moments notice. We thought that the girls' picture on a flyer around the hospital would be the end of the story...not quite.

Carter Blood Care wanted to promote the blood drive and in doing so, requested to submit our story to the local newspaper and television stations for publicity. The PR person at Carter told us that the story may or may not get picked up, we will just wait and see. Well, the story has been picked up by two local television stations in Waco. The nighttime news anchor from channel 25 will be coming by tomorrow afternoon to do the interview herself. Then on Monday, one of the reporters from Channel 10 will be coming by around lunchtime to interview us. We hope that our story will help bring out the blood donors to Hillcrest on Tuesday of next week. The story should run during the 5 or 6 o'clock news on Monday of next week on channel 10 and 25. Set your DVRs people :)!

Brent can't take off more work to be here for the interview on Friday, so we took pictures of him with the girls for the reporter to use in the story. He will however, be able to make it home for the Channel 10 interview during his lunch hour on Monday.
Many of you that know Brent and I very well, know that we aren't keen on bringing a lot of attention to ourselves, and having triplets to us is our blessing, not something we would ever use to get attention. The only reason we are doing this is to help promote blood donation, and not to get the girls on the news. :) The last thing I want is for someone to stop me in HEB because they saw me on the news...but if it can do some good for others by encouraging people to donate blood, I can deal with it. :)

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