Friday, October 16, 2009

Triplets Hearing Re-test---All A's!

Yes...people stare at us everywhere we go. Yes...we just pulled three car seats out of the backseat of my car. Yes...they are all mine. No...I don't have anymore children. Yes...I have my hands full.
Today we ventured out of the house with Grammy's help to take the girls to get their hearing re-checked. I've learned that there just isn't enough time in the day. We got up, got the girls fed, down for a nap, fed again, dressed and packed in the car for the outing. I barely had time to grab a granola bar and shove it into my mouth before we dashed out of the house to drive across town. When we arrived they took us, and our massive stroller, back to the audiology room to check their hearing. We had to take the long way around to accommodate our massive stroller and avoid the stairs. The audiologist started with Baylee. Let me tell you something, it is next to impossible to keep a baby quiet for a hearing test. Even though Baylee was sleeping, she makes noises when she sleeps, she grunts and groans when she stretches out. Through all of that I was shushing and soothing, trying to get her to be quiet just so she would pass this hearing test. We know the girls can hear, they jump at loud noises and open their eyes when we are talking to them, but they failed their hearing screens in the NICU and thus, had to go for a re-check a few weeks after they were released. Which puts us at today and me shushing the girls to try to get them to pass their re-check. Reagan was second to go and finished her recheck very quickly. While she was testing Reagan, Addison got the hiccups. I said a little prayer, "Please Lord, take these hiccups away so she can pass Addison and we don't have to come back." As soon as I picked up Addison, her hiccups stopped and she slept somewhat peacefully in my arms while she was tested. A few minutes into the test I smelled something....yep, dirty diaper. I made a face at Grammy sitting across from me. We couldn't stop in the middle of testing to change Addison, so I just tried to breathe through my mouth as the stench kept getting worse. A few minutes later I saw Grammy make a funny face and she said she could smell it all the way out in the hall. :) All three girls were stinkin' up the place. It was bad. By the time she was finished testing Addison, all of the girls were stinky and hungry so Grammy and I changed dirty diapers in the testing room and then fed the girls from their car seats.
EVERYONE PASSED THEIR HEARING TEST! So we are happy we don't have to worry about that anymore.
When we finally got the girls all loaded back in the car and ready for the ride home, I was worn out. Last night was a rough night because the girls have their nights and days mixed up right now. After their 8 o'clock feeding each night they just don't want to go to all. So Brent and I are up with them until their 11 o'clock feeding. Then after the 11 o'clock feeding, Baylee was fussy because of her reflux issue and just didn't want me to put her down. I finally ended up putting her in her swing in the living room about 12:30 am and crashing on the couch until their 2 o'clock feeding. So after a full night and the outing today, I was tired, hungry and I'll admit...irritable. Just don't cut me off on the interstate...I might lose it!
I got the girls home and in their cribs for some rest before their 5 o'clock feeding. I have been trying to rest a little as well. Tonight, Brent and I are having a date night. Dinner and a movie. Gran and Grandaddy are coming over to watch the girls for us. Brent and I love to go to the movies and we used to go all the time. I haven't seen a movie in the theatre in MONTHS. So it will be good to have some time together as a couple and relax.

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  1. I laughed until I cried trying to read this to Pop. He said why are you laughing so hard? Then he said, I guess you just had to be there huh? Just one of many great adventures with the girls !!!