Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, the nursery is complete! My best friend and #1 Interior Designer, Jill, spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday putting all of the nursery components together to make one stinkin cute room! I absolutely love it! Thank you, Jilly, for taking the time to go shop for the things we needed and painstakingly measure and hang and glue (hot glue burns and all). We love you!

Jill working her magic!

The girls' names all ready to be hung...

Jill hanging everything with perfection!

The final product....SOOOO CUTE!


  1. I knew it would be beautiful! I love how she used the ribbon to hang the pictures too! And the little table is adorable. what a loving act of kindness! We love you Jill!!!!!

  2. SO Cute! It looks awesome, what a great friend!