Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby Shower!

My wonderful baby shower was this past Saturday! The hostesses did a fantastic job with everything. Thank you Jill for organizing the theme and the party. Thank you Jessica for the picture slide show and all the work you put into it. Brent and I both love it! I have posted alot of pictures for everyone that was not able to be there. Thank you to those that were able to make it. It meant so much to me to see everyone during my few hours out of the house. :)

A shot of the beautiful table....
The girls' names on a card representing the theme of the party...
My wonderful hostesses: Pam McKown, Kim Waddell, Jessica Kolar, me, Jill Hair, Alexis Parrish
My awesome cake!!! (from Patsy's in West, TX)
Best Diaper Cake EVER! My oldest sister, Mandy, put together this diaper is pretty awesome!
Opening gifts...these were blankets my sister Missy had embroidered with the girls' names...they are soooo soft!
More gifts...the cutest diaper bag I have ever seen! Thank you Erin Ivy! I love it!
The award for "Most Unique Gift" goes to my Aunt Susan, this is called a "Helping Hand" and you put it on or around the baby to comfort them...Aunt Susan says it is all the rage in England. Thank you Aunt Susan, you are awesome!
I didn't cry until I opened these gifts from my Mom. She made us three more blankets for the girls, gave us three little baby dolls with the each girl's name embroidered on one, and three little pink puppies with each girl's name embroidered on the ear. Mom has given one of these soft, flat puppies to each of her grandchildren and when I opened the bag and saw the puppy I immediately burst into tears. I know the girls will love them as much as their cousins do.
Me with all of the gifts displayed....what you can't see is the Pack 'N Play, two swings and a bouncer.
Me with the grandmothers, my mother-in-law, Brenda, (who hasn't picked out her grandparent name yet) and my Mom (Grammy).
Me with the best Aunts ever, Aunt Elizabeth (newly engaged!!!), Aunt Mandy and Aunt Missy.
Me with my sister, Missy, our new nephew, Peyton, my grandmother, Mamaw, and my Aunt Susan.

Thank you again to everyone that attended or brought a gift by for us! We love you all!
Michelle & Brent

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