Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Appointment today!

My appointment with Dr. Beaird went very well today. First, I had to do my diabetes screening. You have to drink a sugary drink and then get your blood drawn for testing an hour later. Standard practice these days with all pregnant women. They gave me the drink and I think I really was expecting the worst, but it just tasted like Sprite. No biggie. I downed it and then went back to the waiting room until they were ready to take me back. When I got to see Dr. Beaird, he checked out each of the babies, all of the girls are moving a lot (I knew that already) and they have good heartbeats. My stomach is measuring at 35 weeks, I am actually at 25 weeks today. My cervix length measured a 3.36!!! That was so great to hear since we kind of had a busy weekend and increased activity can cause the cervix to shorten. So all is well. Dr. Beaird went ahead and had me schedule my weekly appointments out until the end of August and then I had my blood drawn for the diabetes testing. I should have those results by the end of the week or beginning of next week. Fingers crossed I don't have to go do more testing.
For the moms, I have updated the schedule of appointments posting on the blog so you can add all of the appointments to your calendar. Go to the main blog page, click on June postings, then click on Schedule of Appointments to see the updates.

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