Wednesday, July 8, 2009

False Alarm...

So we had a little scare last night. I, of course, was having trouble getting to sleep. Around 12:30 am I was in the living room trying to sleep in the recliner when I felt a major abdominal cramp. The tight feeling around my belly was major and something I had never felt before. A little painful, but no more than a regular menstrual cramp. I went into the bedroom and woke Brent up to tell him about it. We decided to sit up for a little while to see if I had another contraction. About 15-16 minutes later another contraction hit me and it was a little more painful than the first.
Brent immediately sprung into action trying to get clothes for me so we could go to the hospital. I convinced him to let me call the on-call doctor first and see what they said. I paged the on-call doctor and Dr. Dunn called me back. I explained to him what I was feeling and he said that we didn't need to rush to the hospital just yet. He told me to drink two glasses of water and keep timing the contractions. He also said that sometimes you can have a few contractions and then they just stop. Dr. Dunn said that if I continued to have contractions at regular intervals in the next two hours then we needed to go to the hospital so I could get checked out.
Well, after I spoke to Dr. Dunn the contractions stopped. I fell asleep about an hour later. Brent ended up not getting a wink of sleep the rest of the night. I had an appointment scheduled for today to get my weekly injection, so I called to see if Dr. Beaird could squeeze me in to check everything out. We saw him this morning and he checked on the babies and checked to see if I was dilated. Babies were great and I am not dilated. But to be on the safe side, Dr. Beaird asked me to reduce my activity even more. Limit the amount of times I get out of bed and the amount of walking around the house I do each day. Up to this point, I have been staying in bed all day except to get breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks, use the bathroom or shower. All of those trips to the kitchen and the bathroom can add up during the day. So, to help limit my trips even more, Brent is getting a mini fridge to put next to the bed for water and refrigerated snacks to keep me from going back and forth to the kitchen throughout the day.
Dr. Beaird told us that one or two contractions an hour is not cause for alarm. But, if I have more than four in one hour, I need to call him or go to the hospital to get checked.
Everything else is great! I feel fine today and I haven't had any far, so good. :)


  1. glad to hear everything is ok! I'm sure that was fairly scary.
    I think it's time for some belly pics to be posted... :) love you!

  2. Ok Addison, Reagan, and Baylee, this is your Grammy speaking. I know you are anxious to meet your parents, but it isn't time yet. Be patient and keep growing until September. Then you can meet all the people who love you!