Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Appointment today

We had an appointment with our regular OB office today. We met with Dr. Dunn and all is still looking great! My gestational diabetes test came back normal, so I passed! No worries there. My cervical length measured a 3.96! Even better than last week. We left that appointment very, very happy. I was very worried about the diabetes testing because if you get gestational diabetes it can really cause problems with a pregnancy, even more with a multiples pregnancy. Blood pressure is still good. The girls are kicking AND PUNCHING up a storm. All three are still head down so I feel kicking all the time at the top of my abdomen and I feel punching down around my pelvis. It doesn't hurt, just a very strange feeling.
Overall, everything is still looking good with the Huse Baby-Watch '09. :)

A BIG congratulations to our great friends, Tim and Kim, on the purchase of their first home!!! So exciting! Also, a BIG, BIG, congratulations to Tim and David on their promotions!!! Way to go you guys!

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