Friday, April 30, 2010

Reagan's Shiny New Helmet

I think people who say their kids don't mind their helmets at all are LYING. Reagan instantly had issues with this thing and she let us know about it. She looks happy in this picture but this is after a few hours of having it on and off and getting to roll around in it and have Mommy dance and sing and do tricks just to get her mind off wearing it. She seems okay now, still not great with it, but we will see what tomorrow brings. ;)
As many of you that read my blog know, Reagan has a flat spot on the back, right side of her head. This spot was caused by torticollis which was caused by being a squished triplet in her Mommy's tummy. She has had physical therapy to correct the torticollis, but that darn flat spot is still there and not diminishing as much as we had hoped. So, this leads us to the helmet.
I took Reagan to Dallas this morning to pick up her shiny, new helmet and Grammy met us at Star Cranial for the appointment. We were trained on how to put on and take off the helmet, how it should be worn and how to carry Reagan so we don't accidentally get a bloody nose if she decides to throw her helmeted head into one of our faces. :)
Reagan was not too keen on anything to do with the helmet. She didn't have to wear it home but when we got home, I left her with Brent so I could run out to get us some lunch. When I got back, Reagan was in Brent's lap and she didn't look pleased. He said she had been crying the entire time. I went to take the helmet off of her and I forgot (bad Mommy) to make the Velcro sound in her right ear so that when I took the strap off of her left side it wouldn't scare the crap out of her, welllllll, since I forgot to do that, she freaked out when I removed the strap and started bawling. It was terrible. I got her calmed down and put her down for a nap and she slept solid for 2 hours. I don't even think she moved at all. When I went to get her up, she still had her paci in and was snuggled with her lovie just like I had left her. Poor baby Reagan! I felt so terrible, but I had to put the helmet back on for another hour this afternoon. She didn't seem to mind it as much until she started getting tired and she was mad at me so I had to hold her for the last 30 minutes of their awake time. She will get used to it I am sure, I just hope there isn't any major, irreversible, physiological damage.
Reagan Baby is mad at her Mommy!
I picked out a cute heart pattern for her helmet, she didn't seem to care how cute it was though.

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  1. She looks absolutely adorable in her helmet! That reminds me of when Logan got his. He did the same thing at first. It will get better. Once he didn't have to wear it anymore, he actually ended up having several bumps and bruises because he was used to banging his head on things and it not hurting with the helmet as his shield. :) I do feel for you guys! Logan got his in June (6 months) and the horrible Texas summer heat can really cause those things to stink. Jason had a process of cleaning it that helped a bit. I'll try to see if he remembers what he did. :)
    BTW--the girls are getting so big and are simply ADORABLE!!!