Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Annoying Things Strangers Say

This morning, I took my precious angels for a walk around the neighborhood. The weather was perfect and the girls were loving the fresh air. We passed a house down our street where an older lady was out in her front yard gardening. After our second pass in front of her house, she ran over and asked if she could see the babies. I stopped and she ohhhed and ahhhed over the girls. She asked how old they were and I told her they are almost 8 months old. She then said that she had a friend who had quads. As we were resuming our walk, she said, "Bye, boys!" Now, would any mother in their right mind dress their little boys in onesies with PINK AND PURPLE HEARTS?! I wouldn't think so, but stranger things have happened. This isn't the MOST annoying thing a stranger has said to us about the triplets, and I am sure that mothers of singletons get this too but come on people! At least take the clothing into context. If I was dressing them in little 3 piece suits with a stripped tie, then I wouldn't expect people to know that they were girls just by looking at them.
Here are the girlies on our walk...

Granted, ALL of the people we know that have had babies lately have had boys...I am still waiting for some little girls to be born so our trio will have some girls to play with. Hasn't happened yet. Let's see, Matt and Becky Kudelka - boy, David and Pam McKown - boy, Ray and Leslie Dulock - boy, Todd and Erin Ivy - having a boy, Aaron and Laurie Maler - having a boy, Brian and Liz Muska - having a boy, My sister, Mandy, and her husband Tim Payne - having a boy, Brent's cousin, Denise, and her husband Jason - just had a boy last week...it goes on and on...not a girl in the mix! Maybe my sister Missy's next baby will be a girl to give our honeys at least one female cousin. ;)

Also today, I was trying to get through with feeding and changing Baylee in the living room because she napped longer than her sisters. This girl just wants to roll over, she is rolling all over this house! I turned my head for one second and this is how I caught her...

"Oh! you caught me..."

"HeeHee! Catch me if you can!"


  1. Run Baylee!!!! Make Mommy crawl after you!!!

  2. very funny..and annoying...for the longest time, people would think that one of my twin boys, sometimes both, were girls! It's because they have gorgeous eyes :) and by the way, I never dressed them anything girlie whatsoever... your girls are very adorable and precious...