Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cousins! Cousins! Cousins!

Well, the babies just keep on comin' in the Chambers Family. My oldest sister, Mandy, is currently pregnant with her first baby boy, Luke Slater Payne. Luke made grandbaby #7 for my parents in the past 4 years. We recently received news that our middle sister, Missy, is pregnant again with her 4th! That makes 4 babies for her in 4 years and grandbaby #8! for my parents. 6 of which have been born in the past 2 years. Wow! Thank goodness mom and dad are adding the "grandbaby" addition to their house or else they would run out of room at Christmas. I can't wait to watch all of our kids, my nephews and possibly a niece (if Missy's next baby is a girl) grow up together and love their cousins! Since they will all be so close in age I am sure they will love getting into all sorts of mischief together. ;)
We can't wait to meet Luke in July and we can't wait to find out what Missy is having and welcome their new baby at the end of 2010.
Pop Holding Addison, Reagan and Baylee

Peyton meeting Addison for the first time
Pop holding CJ and Mark Robert
CJ, the oldest, with his guitar
Grammy holding baby Mark Robert

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  1. Wow-that's a lot of babies! What blessed grandparents. And yes, that is craziness at Christmas time. My mom was worried about her granchildren going from 2 to 4. I will just tell her, "Michelle's mom has 8 and Mummmy (my grandmother) had 17"!! 4 is a piece of cake!