Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Trip to Visit the Inmates

No, we aren't teaching the girls about the Texas prison system. We took the girls to Kingwood this weekend to see their Great-Grandparents, my Papaw and Mamaw, Tom and Marguerite Chambers. My Grandparents live in a retirement community called Cypress Woods and my Papaw lovingly refers to himself and all of the other residents at Cypress Woods as "The Inmates." :)
My Papaw follows mine and my sisters' blogs and each time we have a new posting he prints it off and passes it around to all of "the other inmates" at Cypress Woods. They all know about the triplets and love seeing new pictures of them which is very, very sweet.
Brent and I decided we just HAD to take the girls down to see all of their biggest fans. We left early Saturday morning and headed down the road.

Mommy in the 3rd Row seat for the trip...Girls tucked in and ready to go!

30 minutes into the asleep!

On the way down, the girls were getting antsy and we were thinking about stopping somewhere to feed them and let them stretch their legs and we saw and exit for a state park in Huntsville. The weather was just perfect. We found a picnic table and fed the girls and then took some pictures since the scene was too perfect.
Daddy with his girls!
Reagan and her Mommy
Reagan and Mommy in front of the pretty lake
Addison and Mommy...such a pretty smile
Ohhhh my lovie, Addie
Oh, Baylee Boo
Mommy and Baylee again
We stayed with my Aunt Susan and Uncle Bailey for our trip to Kingwood. We were so happy to see them and my cousin Casey! Thank you, Blakemore family, for allowing the triplet whirlwind to take over your home for the weekend. We loved every minute of it and we hope you did too. ;)
This piggy was waiting in their kitchen to welcome us Saturday afternoon. So cute!
Aunt Susan with the girls
Another cute shot of Aunt Susan with her favorite great-nieces
Getting loaded up for our trip over to see everyone at Cypress Woods
Daddy loading Addie in her carseat
Our arrival was announced over the loud speaker when we walked in the front door "The Chambers' Triplets have arrived!" Thank you to everyone that came out to say hello to our girls.

Papaw with two of his girls
Mamaw with Addison, somehow Mamaw always ends up holding Addison :)
Oh so cute!
Proud Great-Grandparents

Reagan saying Hello!
All the girls with Mamaw and Papaw

Brent and I with Mamaw and Papaw holding the girls
The girls had an exciting day at Cypress Woods so we gave them a little down time when we got home before they took their afternoon nap.
Aunt Susan made us an amazing dinner Saturday night and her friends, Susie and Ray Potter, came over to watch the Kentucky Derby and see the girls. We had a great time meeting them and thank you, Susie and Ray, for the awesome toys you gave the girls. They love them!
Susie holding Addison before bedtime
My Cousin Casey (Graduating from High School this year!) holding Reagan :)
Susie holding Addie, Uncle Bailey holding Baylee, and Casey holding Reagan
On our way home, Brent and I were feeling adventureous and hungry :), and it was about the time we needed to stop to feed the girls and let them stretch a little so we decided to take them to their first restaurant EVER for lunch! Yes, now we feel like we can do anything! We pulled them up to the table with us and they were great! Very well behaved baby girls. We had a great lunch and surprisingly weren't bothered at all by anyone else in the restaurant. We got back on the road and the girls had a great nap the rest of the ride home.
Baylee Boo eyeing me and sucking on her paci
Addie and Reagan..."mmmmm, that looks good Daddy..."

We had a fantastic weekend! Thank you Aunt Susan, Uncle Bailey and Casey for your hospitality. We will definately come back to stay with you again. And thank you to everyone at Cypress Woods for being so sweet to our girls!

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  1. I laughed out loud when I read that the triplet's arrival was announced over the loud speaker. That's hilarious! That is so sweet of you guys to take the girls to visit their great grandparents. There's no doubt you made their week... and all of the other "inmate's" as well. :)