Saturday, April 10, 2010

Girls Weekend!

This weekend Brent went to Lake Fork to fish in a tournament and left his girls to find our own fun. I decided to bring the girls up to their Grammy and Pop's house for the weekend!
Friday, Pop went with me to take Reagan to Star Cranial to get her head assessed for a cranial reshaping helmet. Reagan has a flat spot on the back, right side of her head. Flat spots in multiples is very common. Since the babies have been squished in close quarters for so long in the womb, sometimes it can cause one or all of the babies to have some stiffening on one side of their neck (torticollis) which can cause them to favor one side of their head. They sleep on that side, lay on that side and it is difficult, if not impossible for them to fully rotate their neck because of the stiffness of those neck muscles. Physical therapy can correct the torticollis, which Reagan has had with success, but the flat spot doesn't go away very quickly, if at all, without help. There is a window of opportunity in which you can have a child's head shape corrected, usually before 12-18 months old.
We took Reagan to get assessed and she does have moderate brachycephaly (flat head) and it can be corrected with a cranial reshaping helmet. She will have to wear the helmet for maybe 3 to 6 months. We aren't sure. It really depends on how quickly she grows. If she grows quickly, the helmet will reshape her head more quickly, if she has steady, slow growth it will take longer for the helmet to reshape her head. Now the fun begins to try to get insurance to approve the helmet to help pay for the cost.
On Saturday morning, we took the girls to watch their cousin CJ's t-ball game. CJ definitely had the most fans in the crowd. Lets see, Grammy and Pop were there, Aunt Mandy and Uncle Tim, myself and Addie, Reagan and Baylee, CJ's Grandma Dorothy, not to mention CJ's mom and dad and his little bothers, Mark Robert and Peyton. So a total of 13 fans, wow, what a cheering section! And we were LOUD! Haha!

The girls watching CJ play was a little chilly this morning

CJ up to bat!

And he smacks it!!!

Running to home base!

Posing with our BIG LEAGUER! Baylee was ready for a nap :)

We got home from the game and the girls had a LONG afternoon nap and had a great time playing with Grammy and Pop. They loved spending time with Aunt Mandy and Uncle Tim when they came for dinner after their house hunting adventures.
After all of our fun, I am sure that the girls will be happy to see their Daddy again and hear about his fishing adventures.

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