Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hipity Hopity

The Easter Bunny visited us at Gran and Grandaddy's house today!
Our morning started out a little hectic. The girls slept later than normal (why am I complaining, right?!) so I ended up having to shower and get ready for the day after they had their morning bottle and were dressed for the ride to Gran and Grandaddy's house. I ended up not having enough time to get dressed and get everyone packed and in the car so I had to finish getting ready at Gran and Grandaddy's house when the girls went down for their nap.
Disappointment 1 for today: I was really looking forward to some outdoor pictures of us with the girls in their little outfits. I walked outside this morning and it was doom and gloom. Misty, rainy, nasty weather. So disappointed.
Disappointment 2 for today: After we arrived at Gran and Grandaddy's house (me - halfway ready) we realized we left the deviled eggs I made for Easter lunch in the fridge at home...35 miles away. Ugh. I decided to make the drive back home just to get the eggs because Grandaddy loves them just like I do and now we have a fellow deviled egg-eater in the family (Adam) and for me, it just isn't Easter lunch without deviled eggs. :) So, an hour later, I made it back in time to get the girls up from their nap and feed them before we had lunch.
The rest of our day was great! Great time with family and a wonderful first Easter with our girls! We even got some great INDOOR pictures :) of everyone with the girls.
Cute little bunnies...

Holding their first Easter bunniesWith Gran and Grandaddy...

Baylee bored already, Reagan - "Is it over yet?", and Addie touching Uncle Adam's face...

Take 2 with Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Adam...

Our precious girls will be 7 MONTHS OLD TOMORROW! I know, I can't believe it.

Here is a little about each of our sweethearts:

Addison - Addie remains to be very laid back, sweet all the time. She still likes to hold everyones' hand, touch faces and grab onto clothes. She has also started blowing bubbles at us all the time, it is so cute. She talks to us and loves to smile and giggle. She is a great eater and loves peas, sweet potatoes and applesauce. Addie is rolling from side to side and front to back but is very close to rolling back to front. Last time we weighed her she was 17.9 lbs.

Reagan - Reagan is my lovable, cuddler. She is also a sweetheart but can get her feelings hurt easily. She likes to be near everyone and she loves to touch and grab mommy's hair. ;) She is also a smiley girl and I just love to listen to her entertain herself in her crib in the morning before everyone else is ready to get up. She stays very quiet but will start to make little humming noises and when I go get her up she is always cuddling and playing with her lovie. Last time we weighed her she was 17.10 lbs.

Baylee - Baylee is also a cuddley honey and she already knows how to get what she wants. All she has to do is flash that wide grin at us and we're goners. She's our little Miss Priss and has an adorable little laugh when you get her going. She loves her bouncers and was the first of the girls to roll over back to front. Baylee is also a big talker. She likes to mouth sounds and look at her sisters and they just stare back in wonder. Last time we weighed her she was 16.14lbs.

Mommy holding the girls at 9 days old...

Mommy and her girls at 7 Months Old!

Only 5 months until their 1st birthday! It is going by so fast!


  1. Great pictures honey! Scrapbook!!!!!

  2. Looks like Baylee is throwing a nice Sic 'Em Bears in that last pic!!! I taught her that the other night...ha!!!