Monday, March 29, 2010

Happenings Around the Huse Household

In the past week, our girls have been to the park for the first time, on a walk with mom and dad and they have been trying to roll all over the house.
The park wasn't what I would call a success. We met my friend, Pam, and her little man, Matthew, at the park for a little walk. The girls were a little cranky and we weren't there 25 minutes and Reagan had a meltdown, a major one. Tears streaming, I want my Momma kind of meltdown. So our little outing was very, very short.
Our walk around the neighborhood went much more smoothly. We loaded the girls up in the triplet stroller and brought our British lab, Berkley, along for the walk. The weather was great and we had a good time getting outside and chatting with some of our neighbors.
We also have a new face around the house. I had been searching for a Baylor student to help me a few times a week with the girls so I can get out of the house to run errands or just have some help with the girls. I interviewed a few ladies who e-mailed me about the job and I instantly liked Sarah. :)
Sarah with all the girls
She is great with the girls and they just love her. All smiles from the girlies when Sarah is here.
She has helped me out so much. I finally feel like I can get out, or have help getting the girls out of the house once and a while.
Here are a few new pictures of the girls...
Baylee Boo
Reagan Baby

Addie Bear

Addie and Reagan after their feeding

Our little Gerber daisies...Reagan, Baylee and Addison cute!

Baylee sweetie

Addison, my lovie!


  1. Oh my precious baby girls ! Happy Easter! Grammy and Pop love you!

  2. No more wind so we can stroll again!!!