Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our New Playroom!

YES! We have our living room back!
When you have kids (well, three at one time) the house you once thought was plenty of room starts shrinking more and more everyday. So, we have to make the MOST out of the space we have available at the moment.
Brent and I were discussing the fact that the girls are SO CLOSE to crawling and that I am soon not going to be able to walk out of the living room, where they had all of their toys and play area, for fear that they (Baylee) would be getting into something. So we decided to do some switching around and turn our small dining area into a playroom that we can gate off so no one can escape while Mommy has her back turned.
We love how it turned out (just need to get the hugely, long gate we purchased put up) and we love having our living room back. We no longer have to step over toys or around an exersaucer to watch television or chat on the couch.


  1. Just takes imagination! Looks wonderful and I can just see the girls crawling around in there with all their toys!

  2. What a great idea?! When Olivia was crawling and walking we called it quaranting her into the living room. Baby gates, ottomans, and dining room chairs were what we used because everything is so open. I felt so bad for the housekeeper when she'd come because all of the tall people just stepped over everything, but she is so short that she just looked at us like we were crazy if we thought she could step over it.

    Great job!