Monday, May 24, 2010

Addison's First Word

Brent likes to encourage the girls to say "Daddy" every chance he gets. He gets home at night from work and during their Daddy-Daughter playtime before bedtime he will sit there saying "Daaaaddy. Daaaaddy...." to each of the girls. He has been bound and determined to make sure they say "Daddy" first.

Last night, we were getting the girls ready for bed and Addie was on her tummy on the floor and she blurted out "Momma." Brent and I both jerked our heads to look at her, I wish I could have seen our faces. I just started laughing SO HARD! Brent said, "Ohhhh, that doesn't count! She doesn't know what she is saying!" Ohhhh yeah, it counts. :) The rest of the day today Addie was saying "Mmmmmm" and "Moama" and "Momma" all over the place. I just had to laugh each time.

Tonight, we had Gran and Grandaddy over for dinner and we were telling them about Addie's first word and a little while later Addie blurted out "Momma" plain as day. It was awesome!


  1. I wonder if all that lip smacking Pop did with her last week contributed to this success!!!

  2. Music to your ears no doubt! What a fun milestone...and chances are pretty good for Reagan and Baylee to say, "Momma" too if Addison is doing it!