Sunday, May 16, 2010

1st Choo Choo Ride!

Brent and I decided to take the girls for a walk this evening since it wasn't windy and as we were strapping Reagan and Addie into their seats in the Peg Perego, Brent asked when we were going to start using the Choo Choo. Well, right now was as good a time as any! The girls are sitting up on their own better and better each day and the little seatbelts in the Choo Choo help them stay upright, so we decided to test it out. They didn't quite know what to think at first, but I think they ended up loving it!
Choo Choo!!!
Daddy strapping the girls in

Test circle in the driveway :)
With our Radio Flyer sunshades...gotta keep our pale babies from getting sunburned
On our way and ready for the summer!

After their Choo Choo ride, we had bathtime before the girls bedtime. We give Reagan an hour each night to have her helmet off and we were warned by the people at Star Cranial that she would be tempted to scratch her head once the helmet is off. Well, she has started doing that A LOT...and if she gets a scratch on her head and then we put the helmet on her it can cause an infection really easily so I found a solution. "Noooo not the MITTENS!" Haha! She hasn't quite figured out how to get them off when she has both of them on but when she does we might have to resort to duct tape. :) I have had these mittens in their drawer since they came home from the hospital and they were always too big and I kept thinking, "When am I going to use these mittens?" Well, now I have a reason.
No scratching!


  1. I bet they really entertained the neighbors! What little dolls they are!

  2. Michelle, that is the stikin' cutest thing I've ever seen. I want to be in your neighborhood during choo choo time. Geez, if that doesn't make your day, I don't know what would!