Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our First Trip Out As a Family!

Brent and I have been discussing taking the girls out to a few public places to be around large groups of people before his sister's wedding in March. We want to make sure they are prepared for the hustle and bustle of the ceremony and reception. Today, we decided just to go for it. The girls have really only been to the doctor's office, Grammy and Pop's house, Gran and Grandaddy's house and Aunt Missy and Uncle Clark's house. We wanted to limit their exposure to a lot of people during flu and RSV season. Next week they will be 6 months old, and it will be March! Yeay! So we decided this would be a good time to test them out. I ran a few of my ideas of public places by Brent, the indoor mall or the outdoor mall :). He nixed both. :( Which now that I think about it, I am glad we didn't do for our first time out all together.
I finally said, "Fine...where would you like to go?" His answer, similar to most men on the weekend, "Home Depot." Now, I don't usually like to accompany Brent to Home Depot, because he likes to peruse the isles, much like I do while shopping at the mall. It is not my favorite thing to check out new power tools on a Sunday. But if it got me out of the house today with Brent and the girls, fine, I would have said yes to most anything.
We decided the best time to go would be during their afternoon awake time. They are usually in the best moods during this time of the day and we could logistically get them fed and out the door in 30 minutes after their nap, leaving us an hour and a half to keep them occupied before we needed to get home for their evening catnap.
Many of you that know me well, know that I am not the type to draw a lot of attention to myself from strangers, and our triplets draw a lot of attention, so I have had a little bit of a hard time adjusting to all of the attention we get from strangers. So we had to have the stroller talk. Do we go ALL OUT with the triplet stroller and not try to be inconspicuous. Or do we take the single stroller and double stroller and leave some distance between us when we walk through the store. I said, "You know, I am proud we have our girls, I think we should just DO IT and if we turn heads, we turn heads. Gotta get used to the attention at some point."
We loaded the girls up and were on our way. We had a great car ride to The Depot and a very nice afternoon trip out of the house.
Our first encounter with onlookers was in the parking lot of The Depot as we got everyone loaded into the Peg Perego Triplet Stroller and were on our way into the store. A very sweet man stopped his walk, waited for us to pass by and then looked back and counted, "One, two, three...Congratulations!" That made me smile and in great spirits for whatever we may have encountered the rest of our outing. We turned heads, how can you not? People are fascinated with multiples.
Brent said, "I don't see what the big deal is, it's just three babies." I laughed and said, "I know! If we just had one baby no one would bat an eye or come up to us to see if it was a boy or girl or ask what their name is." We laughed about it together. :)
We got a lot of, "Oh my goodness, triplets!" and "You have your hands full." A lot of smiles and looks inside the stroller seats. And, I actually had a young lady come up to us in the parking lot and tell me she was jealous because she had recently given birth to just one baby. Really? Okay, hadn't heard that one yet.
The girls did so well at The Depot we decided to go ahead and go over to Lowe's to price shop an item Brent was looking at to purchase.
They did great at Lowe's as well. It was at this point I was glad we hadn't gone to the mall, because everyone wants to stop and talk and ask you all kinds of personal questions. :) So I was glad we went to a public, but not so populated place.
Overall, we had just a great day! I can't wait for our next trip out in the public....I think. :)
We didn't get any pictures of our outing today, because that would have just drawn more here is some video of Baylee and Reagan laughing tonight before bedtime...Addie wasn't in a giggly mood, hopefully I can get her good on camera soon and share her sweet smile and laugh with you then. Enjoy!


  1. can't wait to scoop them up and love on them! Grammy is coming on Wednesday!

  2. Congrats on a successful outing! Way to go, girls! We were at the Depot a few weeks ago and caused quite the scene as two boys screamed through the aisles. Of course it was lunch time, but Daddy had to squeeze in one last errand. :) It is quite liberating to get out, though. Here's to many more great outings!

  3. So excited for you that you went out. That time will not only be good for the girls but mommy too!!! Looking forward to seeing them soon

  4. I love the videos! Makes me want to scoop them up too!