Monday, February 15, 2010

We LOVE Valentine's Day!...and Solids?

Well, I wasn't feeling well at all last week. I got a terrible cold and was under the weather all weekend but I finally feel better today. It's tough, to say the least, to take care of three 5 month-olds when you feel TERRIBLE. But we made it through it and now I know, I can do it, even when it gets really, really difficult.
Brent and I had plans to go to dinner and a movie Friday night for our Valentine's Day date, but that was cancelled because there was no way I could make it. Thank you, Pam, for offering to come take care of the girls so we could go out. I promise I will take you up on it again soon. And, thank you, David, for offering to give up your wife for a night so she could watch our little girls. You guys are really the best!
Instead of a Valentine's Day date, Brent made Valentine's Day breakfast burritos at home on Sunday and we spent the morning taking pictures of our little lovelies. Here is how they came out!
And here are some out-takes...just for fun! :)
My bow is falling Mommy!
Here comes my lunch! Watch out!
What? You want me to look where? Oh look, there's a pony!
We have also started some solids this week. Until Brent gets out triplet feeding table done (a post on that to come as soon as it has been completed), we are using Bumbo seats to feed the girls solids. We started with a little rice cereal Saturday and that didn't go very well...but try, try again. So today, after speaking to my expert-Mommy sister, Missy, I tried the girls on mixed cereal (rice and baby oatmeal) and added a little squash veggie in for some tastiness. Baylee LOVED it...she ate it up. Addie and Reagan, not so much. They kept spitting everything out. They are either not fans of squash or rice cereal or the mixture all together. So tonight, I gave Addie and Reagan a little rice cereal in with their bottles and a Y-cut nipple and they ate it up. After speaking with Christy, we believe the reason Addie and Reagan are starting to wake up around 5:30 am each morning hungry is because they are digesting their calories a lot faster now and need some solids to help sustain them through the entire night. We shall see what tomorrow brings after the solids today.

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