Thursday, February 4, 2010

We LOVE Being 5 Months Old!

Our living room is an obstacle course of baby toys, playmats, jumpers and one jungle themed Exersaucer and we love it! :)
The girls will be 5 months old tomorrow and they are doing great!
Here is a little update on each of our sweet babies!
Reagan Riley
Reagan remains our middle of the road baby. She is pretty easy going most of the time and doesn't get too upset about many things. She loves her monkey toy and she loves to smile and laugh at us as long as she isn't too tired. She is sleeping all the way through the night - 12 hours - (Thank you, Lord!) and loves, loves, loves her Daddy. She will smile and giggle mostly for him. She loves checking out her sisters faces and will smile really big when they smile at her. She also likes her Exersaucer and Bumbo seat, but doesn't like to be left in them for too terribly long. Reagan weighs around 15 lbs. and has the bluest eyes and the most hair out of our trio.
Reagan in her Exersaucer
Reagan laughing in her Bumbo seat
Up close of my gorgeous girl
Reagan getting her baby massage

Baylee Brynn
Baylee remains to be our challenging little one. She is exactly like her Daddy in that she is strong-willed and like me in that she is slightly temperamental. :) She has not quite mastered sleeping through the night mainly due to a few setbacks. She had a little cold a few weeks ago and after she got over that she had surgery on her tongue, both of which can affect sleep. But she has made definite progress since her surgery last week. The nights after her surgery she was waking every two hours, then every three hours the beginning of this week, and last night she only woke twice and was only fed once. So we expect her to catch up with her sisters in the coming weeks. Baylee LOVES her Exersaucer! She jumps and plays and laughs at the toys for a very long time during her playtime. She also LOVES to watch tv. I know, I know...what a horrible mother, Michelle, letting your 5 month old watch tv. I hardly ever have the tv on during the daytime these days except for the afternoon talk shows, "Ellen" and "Oprah". :) The girls afternoon waketime just happens to be during the Ellen show and Baylee LOVES Ellen. She will laugh and jump when she sees people dancing and she just gazes at the tv in awe. She also had a great time watching "Man vs. Wild" with her Daddy the other day when she was particularly upset about something. Brent propped her up in his lap and she sat there to finish the show with him in absolute silence. Baylee is our morning baby, always smiling and extremely happy to see you. Baylee has caught up to her sisters in weight and is also around 15 lbs.
Baylee checking out the toys on her Exersaucer
Baylee watching Ellen :)
Baylee getting her baby massage
Baylee watching Man vs. Wild with her Daddy

Addison Ann
Sweet Addie. Addie has been our first to sleep through the night, our first to roll over and it only makes sense because she is our first born. Addie loves to "talk" and she LOVES her playmat with the toys hanging over her. She grabs at toys and has started to put her fingers in her mouth and explore her face with her hands. Addie is VERY easy going, takes a lot for her to let out a major howl of a scream and she is sleeping 12 hours each night. Addie also loves her ducky paci from Grammy. She doesn't like her Bumbo seat or the Exersaucer much, I think she gets frustrated because they are too restricting. I think she is ready to get up and GO! but just hasn't quite gotten there yet. Addie and Reagan are looking more identical every day and they seem to edge each other out in weight every time we have a doctor's appointment.
Addie Bear close up
Addie with her ducky paci
Addie Bear playing during her awake time
Sweet, sweet Addie

Happy 5 month birthday, sweet babies! You fill us with joy each and every day. We are so excited about what the rest of your 1st year holds for all of us.

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  1. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! They are each so unique. The pictures make me miss them even more. What a wonderful journey this first 5 months has been. I feel a big party coming on in about 7 months!!!! Just think how big they will be by then and how much fun it will be to see them eat their first Grammy cake!! Hum...wonder what kind of cake that will be???? Loved the close ups of Reagan and Addison. How about one of Baylee Boo!