Monday, February 22, 2010

2nd Shot at Solids...

Christy is here helping me get Baylee down to zero feeds a night and get the girls on a 4-hour routine during the day. Baylee is our strong-willed, stubborn, dear daughter so we were forced, as a last ditch effort, to let her cry it out (CIO) last night when she woke at midnight to be fed. She gets plenty of calories during her daytime feedings and at this point her weight is where it needs to be for her to sleep ALL THE WAY through the night. She just didn't really want to. :)
Last night, Baylee woke at midnight and Christy let Baylee CIO until she fell back to sleep after 33 minutes of crying, non-stop. (So glad Christy was here because I would have totally given in after about 12 minutes.) Then Baylee woke up 45 minutes later and CIO'd for about 15 minutes. She fell asleep and woke up another 45 minutes later and CIO'd for another 15-20 minutes and then around 4 am she finally fell asleep for good and woke up again at 7 am. This morning she was just as happy as she could be even after a rough night, which made me feel a little better about what we were putting her through. :) We will see what she does tonight, but so far, things are looking great!

OH! AND WE HAVE TEETHING BABIES! I knew Addie had been a little more fussy than usual a few days last week, but never imagined she already had a few teeth about to poke through her gums. Christy and I inspected the girls last night and Reagan has two top teeth that should cut through VERY soon, Addie has one top tooth that we could see about to cut through soon, and Baylee definitely has some teething going on but we can't see any close to the surface just yet. So we have been applying baby orajel to their gums before bedtime and naps and they seem to be completely fine.

We also decided to try solids again this week and get on a more consistent schedule with the solids. Today we tried sweet potatoes in with baby oatmeal and here are the pictures. :)

Getting Nakey Before Solids

Baylee in her Bumbo

Addie in her Bumbo

Reagan in her Bumbo

All the girls waiting for solids, Yeay!

First taste of her solids..."What the...!?"

Not sure if Addie is a fan...

Reagan says, "Mmmmm, yummy!"

Everyone in their bumbos



Baylee again

Addie, sweetheart!


Naked playtime after solids!





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  1. They are so plump and healthy!! I'll need some first foods photos for their albums!! I hope Baylee does better tonight. How hard that must have been. But hey, whatever works! I can't wait to squeeze them. I'll have to ease into that though because I know they won't remember me and I don't want them to cry. We'll have a great three days together!