Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Choo Choo Wagon

I am putting this out there in the universe in hope that it pays off for us somehow. I know we have many, many people who love us that read this blog and I am hoping that you can help us locate something we really want by keeping your eyes open for us as you are out and about.

The Choo Choo Wagon (manufactured by Step 2) is a coveted item in the triplet community. Step 2 quit manufacturing these in late 2008, and since then, the price for one of these gems has skyrocketed (supply and demand, my folks). Step 2 sold these for $150. You would get all three cars for that price. Lately, these USED wagons have been going for $300, $350 or I have even seen one listed for $800 on ebay!!!

They are VERY hard to find for the following reasons:
1. Triplet families don't want to give them up because they use them SO MUCH! And they start using them as soon as their babies can sit up on their own all the way through toddlerhood.

2. The wagon is so large, many people selling them won't ship them because of the hassle and people buying them also don't want to pay an arm and a leg in shipping to get it (on top of what you would be paying for the wagon itself). So you are pretty much limited to searching in your local area or within driving distance for one of these.
I would really like to have one of these because it would be so much fun for the girls to be able to ride around in it and get a full 360-view instead of being limited by what is out in front of them in a stroller. I can just see us taking them to the zoo, the park, WestFest and even their cousin's t-ball games in the wagon.
We would be willing to purchase a wagon with just the three cars, as seen above, or with the extra storage wagon you can attach to haul all of your "stuff" so you don't have to carry it, as seen below, which would be awesome! Or if they are selling more than three cars and a storage car, such as 5 cars, we would take that too, for the right price, and we would just hang on to the other cars for when we get ready to sell it.

We would be willing to drive pretty much anywhere in Texas or maybe even Oklahoma for one of these if it is in pretty good shape and for a decent price. Or if we can find one in any city where we have friends or family, that would work too.

We have heard stories of triplet families just happening upon the choo choo wagon at a garage sale, or at a children's resale shop, or one family saw one sitting outside of a house with a bunch of toys in the cars with a sign that said "Free - take whatever you would like"...they emptied out all the toys on the grass and took the wagon :).

We have contacted a few sellers on craigslist in Texas (Houston and New Braunfels) and both had JUST sold theirs! Dang!!!

If anyone could help us obtain a choo choo wagon, I would be your very best-friend and owe you BIG TIME!

E-mail me at michelleannhuse@gmail.com or leave me a comment here. Thanks everyone!

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  1. Hi Michelle - Not sure if you got one yet, as this post was awhile ago. I saw one today - March 13th that was listed on craigslist in Clear Lake Texas. Its pretty reasonable.


    I also have triplets - GGB that will be 1 next week. Congrats on your girls. Denise