Saturday, December 26, 2009

White Christmas 2009

You can't even imagine how horrible it is to have to drive 45 miles listening to three babies scream in the backseat. Try to imagine it and then multiply that times 20....that's how bad it was. Thankfully, that was the very end to our Christmas travels and we won't be traveling for a long distance again for at least another month. The girls just don't like the car yet....we seem to get them loaded up and on our way and about 45 minutes into our trip the crying begins. I climb into the backseat to try to give pacis and when that doesn't work, we stop the car somewhere to try to feed a little, but nothing was working on our way home Saturday. So we just had to drive and let them cry. It was awful. I think they were just DONE with traveling and were so tired.
By the time we got home Brent and I both were at our limit...after we fed them and got them down to bed we were just delirious. We ended up laughing until we cried about it while we shard a Digiorno pizza for dinner.
Our car packed to the limit for our trip...

Our extra cargo carrier Brent got...thank goodness because we never would have been able to take all of our gear without it

On our way to my parents North of Dallas, we had to stop outside of Plano and feed the girls (45 minutes into our trip). I was frazzled as always from the crying...Brent had to run into this quick shop to warm the bottles since my car-bottle warmer wasn't doing the trick fast enough.

Brent - smiling away while I am about to lose it completely :)

We didn't make it to the candlelight service Christmas Eve because of the snow and ice on the roads. We thought it would be better not to risk it with the girls even though I really, really wanted to go. So we decided to get all dressed up anyway and take pictures :). This is our great family pic that Aunt Susan took. Thanks Aunt Susan for braving the cold to take pictures of Brent and me outside...we love you!

Our happy family!

The girls' Great Papaw and Mamaw Chambers - WE LOVE YOU!

Addison, Reagan and Baylee in their Christmas cute! Reindeer feet!

A white Christmas for the girls' first Christmas...this picture was out the back, upstairs window of mom and dad's house Christmas morning

Cutie CJ opening the Transformers helmet we got him for Christmas
Finally getting to wear the helmet after it took Pop and Uncle Tim 45 minutes to put it together :)
Adorable little Marky...walkin' around in his cape Santa brought him with his name on the back
Santa's big gift to CJ, Marky and Peyton (when he is old enough)...the Gator. They were so excited even though it was SO COLD! :)
Us at 2:30 pm Christmas Day...we were already exhausted
CJ, still kickin' it on Grammy's coffee table with a peanut butter sandwich after a full Christmas morning...not tired at all.

We had a great Christmas spent with family and we are learning how to work the girls' schedule around everything so we can still enjoy all the happenings and not miss a thing.

Saturday after Christmas, we left Pop and Grammy's house with the girls and headed West of Fort Worth to Brent's sister's house to see Brent's family. We got to meet Elizabeth's fiance, Adam's family and spend time with Gran and Grandaddy as well. The girls did okay with naps at Aunt Elizabeth's house but the naps they were supposed to take in the car just never happened. They were so pooped last night when we got home that we didn't even have to go back into their bedroom to replace pacis or soothe them once they were down. They were down for the count!

I am also SO HAPPY to tell everyone that Addison slept her first full night last night! 8pm to 8am without any feedings and she even slept through Reagan and Baylee crying to be fed. We only had to feed Reagan once last night and Baylee twice. So we are REALLY seeing great things from the girls. OH! And they are all smiling now! Baylee was first, Addie second and Reagan cracked her first smile at Grandaddy yesterday. The girls like to watch their Daddy make noises and faces and then they will smile at him when he does something they like.

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  1. what precious memories! We've always had pictures but never the great stories to go with them until you girls started blogging. I would love to have pictures of you and Brent outside too!