Thursday, December 3, 2009

HOT, Medium and mild...

If our girls were salsa, they'd be HOT, Medium and mild. Haha! :)
Baylee is our Hot tamale. She is 0 to 60 and our temperamental gal. She wants you to KNOW she is hungry immediately after she wakes up, and she wants you to KNOW you should pick her up and hold her whenever she wants you to. :) She is the most sensory-sensitive and she is definitely the most vocal of our little chorus.

Miss Priss in her element...:) cute even when she is crying

Baylee last night getting ready for her massage...which didn't happen because everyone was too fussy and tired...

Reagan is our Medium variety...she typically follows Baylee's lead and she can get upset and let out her high pitched scream, but she is usually pretty even keel.

Reagan baby, hangin out before bedtime...

Addison is our mild, easy-goin gal. She doesn't get too upset about too many things and works her way up to a cry with some whimpering warnings for you before an all out roar comes out of her.

Addison with her Mommy! :)

Brent got a new camera so he was experimenting with photo's last night...this is Addie's foot :).

Even from the time the girls were in the NICU, our nurses were telling us that Baylee was going to be our little sassy one, Addison was more go with the flow, whatever you want to do is cool with me, and Reagan fell somewhere in between. Boy, were they right from the start!

Today has been a good day for the girls. They had a hard time going down to sleep last night. This whole schedule thing is pretty new to them and they are just getting used to a new formula, so it was a rocky evening. Also, Reagan kept waking up because of gas and then, in turn, would wake up Baylee who would have to be soothed back to sleep. Once they all finally got to sleep around 9 pm, Christy advised that we should skip the "dream feed" because it would probably do more harm than good at that point for them since they had such a hard time going to sleep. The girls slept great from there until 1 am, then woke up again at 4 am and wrestled around from about 7:15 am until they were woken up at 8 am. Their early morning play times were cut short because they were so tired from not being able to take good naps in between. The girls are still developing their elimination reflex and they were grunting and groaning to try to get rid of some of their gas and such during their naps that they didn't end up getting good sleep. So they were sleepy-tired and grumpy during their play times. Christy advised that we separate Baylee and Reagan as much as possible to keep them from waking each other up. So for now, Addison is in the crib between Baylee and Reagan because she is more able to tune the other girls out and stay asleep when they wake up and cry. Christy warned me that the first 3 days on a new schedule would be the hardest and then everything will start to become routine for them and naps and playtime will go easier. I already see a vast improvement with Baylee. She will lay on her mat or on her tummy during playtime and just gaze around and kick her little legs and she may "talk" and peep a little but she isn't screaming for me to pick her up the entire time. I am looking forward to tonight to see what bedtime is like; if it is better or if it is still rocky like last night.

Love to you all!

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  1. Grammy can't wait to see this new and improved routine and happy babies (and rested Mom & Dad!) soon. Planning to be there next Wednesday!