Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Routine

Hello my blog followers! Over the past weekend spent with family and friends I have been reminded of how many friends and friends of friends follow my blog and enjoy reading about the girls and our every day lives. I don't get out of the house much :) so seeing all of you was refreshing to me even though it was a sad occasion for all of us grieving the loss of Brent's grandmother.

Reagan baby
Naturally, I had a lot of questions about the girls this weekend. How are they doing? Am I getting any sleep? How do we survive? :) So I thought I would post the girls' routine and some tricks and tips we have learned from our newborn care specialist aka. Christy.
Last night was a pretty good night for us. Addison made it 9 hours between feedings! She only woke up once to be fed at 5:00 am. Reagan and Baylee woke up to be fed twice at 12:00 am and 6:00 am. So we are definitely making progress with the girls.
The girls' eyes are also really coming into focus. They will focus on our faces and on toys and they will track toys across their field of vision. Baylee is also starting to smile more and more. Tonight, she was just smiling and smiling at Brent and me singing along to the Christmas music in their room. We can't wait for Addison and Reagan to start smiling at us. They are also loving their tummy time more and more every day.

The girls daily routine starts at 8:00 am.
8:00 am - Wake to feed, bath time or playtime depending on the day
9:30 am -Nap time
11:00 am - Lunch, playtime
12:00 pm - Short nap
1:00 pm - Wake to feed, playtime
2:30 pm - Nap time
4:00 pm - Wake to feed, playtime
5:30 pm - Nap time
7:00 pm - Wake to feed, start bedtime routine, jammies and baby massage
8:00 or 8:30 pm - Bedtime
We usually have one to two feedings during the nighttime hours right now, eventually the girls will sleep from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am.

A few things we have started utilizing to help the girls.
Miracle Blankets
We swaddle the girls tightly in Miracle Blankets for all naps and bedtime.

Sound Machines

We started using sound machines (Homedics sound machines we got at Bed, Bath and Beyond that includes the waterfall sound) for all naps and bedtime. It continuously plays while they sleep and helps to soothe them back to sleep if they fully wake up between sleep cycles. We actually use two of these, one is right next to Baylee since she seems to wake up the easiest when the other girls wake up and the sound machine so close to her helps drown out the other girls crying so she can stay asleep with the constant white noise.

Gripe Water
This is a natural remedy that we mix with a little warm water and give the girls a few sips to help clear their throats out if they are grunting from the reflux.

Nap Nanny
As I said before, we purchased three nap nannies ( and the girls sleep in these for bedtime and naps. It keeps them at an angle at all times so the reflux has a harder time going all the way up their throat.

All of the changes we have made seem to really be benefiting the girls. Their moods are better after good sleep and I am starting to learn how to read them better and realize when they have just had enough playtime and are cranky/tired, are still hungry, just need to be held, etc.
Baylee boo
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday with family planned for this week. We can't wait to spend time with all of our family and celebrate the girls' first Christmas.
Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Hi. I had triplets myself on Oct 14th, 09. I'd like to know more about how and when they started to sleep from 8 to 8. Also, when u start feeding them at 8 am (all 3 together? or one after another? )


  2. Hi Rasha! Congrats on your triplets! Our Newborn Care Specialist told us that we can't expect our girls to sleep 12 hours (8 to 8) until they are at least 12 weeks adjusted. Our girls were born at 31 weeks, so they won't be 12 weeks adjusted until around the end of January 2010. Right now though, Addison and Reagan only need one feeding a night, Baylee (Our more sensitive gal)needs 2 sometimes 3 feedings. It depends on the trip, but don't count on it until they are fully 12 weeks adjusted age. When we feed them, whenever we feed them during the day, we feed all at the same time. We prop their bottles with a burp rag and blanket while they are in their nap nannies. We used to prop to feed while they were in their bouncer chairs before we had nap nannies, and I have even heard of some triplet moms using boppies to prop the triplets in, but I found that to be too difficult for me when they were so small and not able to control their necks very well. Leave me more questions if you have them, I would love to help any way that I can! :)