Monday, December 21, 2009

Attentive Parents...we just call that parenting

Brent and I feel like we avoided something tonight that could have potentially harmed Baylee or worse...we'll never know.
We had a busy day today getting things ready for our holiday coming up. I spent the morning running errands while Brent watched the girls and when I got home he left for his Christmas lunch at work and then to spend the afternoon with his good friends Justin Slovak and Cody McCauley.
I called our pediatrician's office this morning to ask the nurse to call in a new prescription for Baylee since we are running out of the Reglan (metoclopramide) syrup she has been taking for her reflux and we will need a refill within a few days. The nurse told me she would call in the new script to the local pharmacy that we use.
When Brent got home this evening, we fed the girls and put them down for bed and I went up to the pharmacy to get Baylee's refill. As I was pulling away, I opened the package and noticed that the prescription name seemed different from what Baylee had been taking before. I thought to myself that I would check when I got home.
When I got home, I pulled out her almost empty bottle and checked the prescription name - Metoclopramide. The new bottle said Dicyclomine. Hmmmm...what to do next? You got it...Google. I Googled the new prescription name and found that Dicyclomine is prescribed for Irritable Bowel Syndrome...not reflux.
Brent got the two bottles from me and called the pharmacy to ask them about the prescription. When the pharmacy answered the phone, Brent explained the issue and they put him on hold. Not two seconds later the Pharmacist was on the phone asking if we had given Baylee any of the Dicyclomine. Brent said no, we hadn't. She said, "Oh thank goodness, I almost died when he told me what had happened..." referring to the man who answered the phone. Brent said, "What WOULD have happened had we given this to her?!" All she would say is that we would have noticed her getting increasingly tired and drowsy and this medicine isn't prescribed to infants. I have a feeling she didn't tell us all of the things that may have happened if we hadn't compared the old bottle to the new. Brent then asked her if this was the pharmacy's fault or the doctor's office and the Pharmacist replied that it was THEIR fault. She then added that they will be refunding us the co-pay for the prescription and giving us the correct prescription for free and a gift card. They will also be calling our doctor's office to tell them what happened tomorrow morning. She then added, "Thank you for being attentive parents. "
Attentive parents! We just call that parenting. You really think we are going to give our three month old whatever you hand over to us and not ask some questions?
Needless to say, Brent and I were very upset about all of this. What if they made this mistake when Baylee first started taking reflux medication and we didn't have anything to compare it to? What if....
We all need to be reminded sometimes that we are our own health advocate and we are the health advocates for our children. You can't always trust doctors and you can't always trust your pharmacy. Pay attention. Ask questions.

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  1. My heart is still pounding! Attention to detail ( service!) has gone to the trash these days. Many people even professionals just don't care enough to be accurate. Or they don't take the time. In this instance there was obviously no check and balance system before it left the pharmacy. Thank goodness you were attentive and it is a lesson to all of us!